RHOSLC producers were 'unaware' of Monica's involvement with Reality Von Tease

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Following the intense finale of season 4 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, fans were left with a lot of questions. Although fans finally got to find out how Heather Gay got a black eye, there were a lot of fans questioning the details of Monica Garcia's involvement with the Reality Von Tease account.

In the RHOSLC finale, the cast's last night in Bermuda turned dramatic when Heather Gay confronted Monica about the fact that she was behind a drama-focused Instagram account called Reality Von Tease that posted about RHOSLC. According to Monica, she wasn't the only one involved and her focus was to take down Jen Shah and called any posts about the other cast members "collateral damage."

Did RHOSLC's producers know Monica was Reality Von Tease?

Monica Garcia became a main cast member on season 4 of RHOSLC after being Jen Shah's assistant. The fact that Monica caused so much drama in the finale is likely not a surprise to a lot of fans considering the reveal that Monica was the FBI informant that got Jen Shah arrested.

Although the producers knew about Monica's connection to Jen Shah when she was cast, they claim they had no idea that she was running an Instagram account about the show and its cast members before she joined the show.

In a report by ETOnline, a source close to the producers spoke about Heather Gay's big reveal about Monica and even compared it to Jen Shah's FBI visit.

"The casting team and producers were unaware of Monica's association with the Instagram account Reality Von Tease, and they had no knowledge of the account when she was cast. While they were aware of her connection with Jen Shah, they were completely unaware of the information that Heather discovered in Bermuda. Heather's revelation came as a surprise to the producers, much like the unexpected FBI visit at the Beauty Lab & Laser parking lot during season 2 involving Jen."

-ย ETOnline's RHOSLC source

Following the confrontation at dinner in Bermuda, Monica was told to pack her bags and leave, ending what some fans are calling the most dramatic season finale in Housewives history. Now, fans have to wait for the 3-part reunion to air to see where the cast stands now.

Monica's mom breaks her silence

While fans are completely divided on whether they love or hate Monica Garcia, there's one person who isn't staying silent about whose side she's on: Monica's mom.

Like mother, like daughter, it seems since Monica's mom isn't the only one who's outspoken about that big reveal. Monica has been sharing voice notes and screenshots from her time running the Reality Von Tease account on her own social media accounts and even had a photoshoot owning up to her shady past.

Monica and her mother's dysfunctional relationship is no secret, but it was taken to a new level when a video of the two of them arguing was leaked online. According to Monica, the video was filmed to show a friend and was never meant to get out, but she believes that more private leaks attempting to expose her will be released going forward.

The video shows Monica's mother telling her to "play nice" with the other cast members because her job is to try to get screentime on the show. The conversation in the video lead fans to believe that she was in on Monica's involvement with the Reality Von Tease account all along, but she denies these claims.

Even though the reunion has yet to air, it's obvious that the finale of RHOSLC was just the beginning of the Reality Von Tease drama. According to Monica's mom, it seems like Monica Garcia will likely be back for season 5, so it's safe to say that this isn't ending here.