'Troll' Monica Garcia accused of 'character assassinations'

BravoCon 2023
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The RHOSLC finale has everyone talking and it's not hard to see why.

Between finding out who gave Heather Gay a black eye, a social media statement being posted by Jen Shah, and a bombshell reveal that has fans calling Monica Garcia Bravo TV's best new villain, it's easy to see why people had such a good time with the episode.

One of the biggest reveals of the episode regarded season 4 newcomer, Monica Garcia, who "deceived" the other housewives and is being praised for the drama she brought to her first season of the show.

The drama came to a head on the season 4 finale on Tuesday night when Heather Gay revealed that she knew the identity of a drama-centered Instagram account called Reality Von Tease and said the person behind it was none other than Monica Garcia.

Heather explained that the account was "dedicated to annihilating and exposing" Jen Shah, but also targeted other RHOSLC stars, including Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, and Whitney Rose.

The dramatic accusation came at dinner when Heather confronted Monica directly by saying that Monica wasn't their true friend and "wanted to profit off our lives and our pain." Dinner took a dramatic twist when she revealed to Monica that, "I know who you really are. Who you really are is the cyberbully internet troll Reality Von Tease."

After initially denying having any involvement in the account, Monica eventually admitted to being the owner of the Instagram account, but said that she wasn't talking about any of the other cast members, only her former employer, Jen Shah. "I didn’t say s--- about anyone else other than Jen and I will own that to the grave," Monica told them.

In a confessional, Monica revealed that she didn't see the account as a bad thing and admitted that she saw it as simply sharing the truth about the series. On it, she said she would share videos that she was filming of Jen Shah, who she worked for at the time. She said there were other people involved in the account and while their mission was to "take down" Jen, the other women were "collateral damage."

Unfortunately for Monica, while fans are living for the fact that this newcomer to the series brought so much drama to the series and earned a spot right next to Andy Cohen at the reunion, not everyone is on Monica's side.

Dita Von Teese, model and burlesque dancer, whose image is used for the profile picture of the Reality Von Tease account and whose name the username is a play on isn't so excited to see she's included in the drama. She posted on her social media that she's not an RHOSLC viewer and asked her fans to report the account for using her image without her permission.

Meanwhile Monica Garcia isn't phased. Her reaction to getting exposed as RHOSLC's biggest villain and traitor to the cast is to share a reality TV villain-themed photoshoot on her Instagram account.

The photoshoot shows her burning a bejeweled newspaper that says she's "warming her hands on bridges [I've] burned" while other newspapers reveal her identity as Reality Von Tease and show her in her RHOSLC reunion dress.