RHOSLC: Andy Cohen said 'the shadiest thing' at the reunion

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City aired their explosive season finale recently and although fans will have to wait until January 9 to see the dramatic reunion to find out where the cast stands after their Bermuda dinner, Bravo TV has shared a preview clip that shows Andy Cohen being accused of saying "the shadiest thing [he's] ever said."

The reunion preview clip shared by Bravo shows Andy Cohen questioning Whitney Rose about saying that she thinks Lisa Barlow "lacks self-awareness and makes every situation about herself."

While Whitney is quick to say yes, Lisa interrupts to say that she wants to defend herself and thinks that she's not selfishly making things about herself, there's just a problem of "East Coast-West Coast" miscommunication at play.

Luckily, the two of them are able to get past their communication issues and the line of questioning ends with Andy Cohen asking Lisa if the two of them about their friendship, to which Lisa says that yes, she's even told Heather Gay that she and Whitney are good friends, a sentiment that Heather echoes.

From Bad Weather to Fruit Leather

As a callback to "Bad Weather," the nickname given to Whitney and Heather when the two of them were fighting, Andy Cohen cleverly combined Lisa and Heather's names to ask, "So, Heather and Lisa: Are you two 'Bad Leather'?"

While the comment makes Heather laugh and say that the two of them are "Good Leather" or "Fruit Leather," Whitney Rose calls Andy calling the two of them "Bad Leather" was "the shadiest thing [he's] ever said."

What else to expect from the RHOSLC reunion

The season 4 finale of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City left fans with a lot to think about, so there's definitely no shortage of drama for the reunion. From Monica Garcia being exposed for running a drama account on Instagram to Heather Gay finally explaining who gave her a black eye, there's so much for the cast to talk about.

According to Bravo TV, the three-part reunion will feature a return from Mary Cosby, Heather Gay sharing more information about the black eye Jen Shah gave her, and as shown in the preview, Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose talking about their friendship.

The three-part reunion series starts on Tuesday, January 9.