Andy Cohen reveals Jen Shah's 'insane' requests for an interview

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Andy Cohen recently shared an update on former cast member from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah. After she took to her Instagram account to deny that she gave Heather Gay a black eye and call Andy Cohen "butthurt" that she refused to do an interview with him, Andy Cohen spoke up with his side of the story.

According to the reality TV host, she didn't refuse to do an interview. In fact, one was offered to her and it was her "insane" requirements to do an interview that put an end to the negotiations between the incarcerated star and Bravo TV for an interview.

Andy Cohen was recently scammed

Andy Cohen spoke on his radio show Andy Cohen Live about the fact that he has particularly personal feelings about what Jen Shah did because he recently fell victim to a financial scam himself.

Although his situation, a bank scam in which scammers reached out to him pretending to be from his bank in order to gain access to his accounts, is very different from what Jen Shah is incarcerated for, Andy Cohen called the fact that she called him out from prison "ironic."

"So, let me just say that. I just need to predicate that I’m a current victim of fraud, which is what she is in jail for. I’m not connecting her, I’m not saying that she’s responsible for it, but I’m just saying it’s ironic."

What did Jen Shah want in exchange for a one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen?

In the statement shared to her social media account, Jen Shah questioned why they didn't air the footage of her giving Heather Gay a black eye as part of her denial that she was responsible for the injury. On his radio show, Andy gave a simple answer to her question: they didn't have footage of it.

"I don’t want to be Captain Obvious here, but if we had footage, don’t you think we would’ve aired it?" Andy said and pointed out that there wouldn't have been such a long wait to find out the truth if they had footage of it happening when Heather initially refused to share the story.

But, the biggest reveal on Andy Cohen Live was about the one-on-one interview that Jen Shah accused him of being mad that she turned down. According to Andy Cohen, he had forgotten that she had ever been offered one, but that she wasn't even the one to turn the interview down.

"Her stipulations were insane. She wanted, in exchange for this, I’m trying to remember the specifics. I know she wanted us to do a docuseries of her days leading up to jail. She wanted a lot of money, and she was still professing her innocence, so it would’ve been another interview of her sitting across from me lying to my face, which we got at two reunions from her, so that’s that. That’s my response to that."

Even if Jen Shah were to lower her demands for an interview, Andy Cohen said that the offer is completely off the table now. "I don’t care about it anymore. I’m over it," he said on the radio show. Even though Andy Cohen isn't interested in interviewing her anymore, it's likely that Jen Shah will fire back against these claims like she did with Heather Gay's black eye accusation, so we probably haven't heard the end of this saga.