Nicki Minaj says Megan Thee Stallion "wanted a Rihanna moment"

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Nicki Minaj has fired another shot at rapper Megan Thee Stallion in the midst of their feud. The "Super Bass" artist has been attacking Megan Thee Stallion since the release of her latest single, "Hiss," which Nicki believes included an attack against her husband, Kenneth Petty. "Hiss" references Megan's Law, a law that requires sexual and violent offenders to register specific personal information for public safety.

Now, Nicki Minaj is taking things to another level by comparing an interview Megan Thee Stallion did following being shot by Tory Lanez to another infamous music attack.

In a January 31 Twitter Spaces held by Joe Budden, Nicki didn't hold back on sharing her thoughts about Megan's response to being shot by Tory Lanez.

"Now you go on Gayle King. To be honest, it's so obvious. She wanted a Rihanna moment so bad," Nicki said, referencing Megan's interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings. Nicki alleges that Megan discussing being shot by Tory Lanez was similar to Rihanna being interviewed on ABC News after she had been attacked by Chris Brown.

She went on to claim that Megan needed "constant sympathy" and claimed that if she were talking about things that she had gone through, people would "have a lot to say," implying that people would criticize her for the same things that they praise Megan for.

The Twitter Spaces comes after Nicki Minaj released a diss track about Megan Thee Stallion, titled "Big Foot" as a response to what Nicki perceived as an insult in Megan's song "Hiss." In the Twitter Spaces, Nicki also implied that Megan The Stallion releasing the single was an attempt to derail Nicki's career and block her own songs from her recently released Pink Friday 2 from succeeding.

Unfortunately for Nicki, it looks like her attempts at getting back at Megan have backfired as fans are speaking out on social media to say that Nicki went too far with this one.