RHOBH: Garcelle Beauvais would have paid if Kyle Richards asked

Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais were never going to be friends, but Kyle’s insinuations at the RHOBH reunion were not well recvieved.

The way Kyle Richards seemed so excited to tell Garcelle Beauvais that she did not pay for her charity item during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was not a good look.  Kyle had seen Garcelle multiple times after the charity event held at Kyle’s house, and she never mentioned it.

It remains to be seen if Kyle forgot about the payment herself and only realized it later, or if she kept the information to herself to make Garcelle look bad down the line.  It’s probably the latter, though.

No matter how Kyle was looking at the situation, she was insinuating Garcelle could not (or would not) pay for her charitable donation.  Either way the cookie crumbles, the cookie is gross.  Kyle took to her Instagram stories after the reunion aired and attempted to “clear the air.”  She said that everyone who donated to the charity at her party paid the night of the event.

Kyle said she reached out “multiple times” to try and get the payment.  But Kyle saw Garcelle in-person “multiple times” after that night.  Why not ask her in person?  She went on to insinuate Garcelle only donated for the cameras and that her donation was not genuine.  Garcelle obviously replied with a tweet of her own.

Besides that, though, Garcelle truly does not seem to care what Kyle does – and we love that.  For being new this season, we think she really held her own against the other mean girls.

Now that she’s handled Kyle, hopefully, Lisa Rinna is next on her list.  When Garcelle said that Kyle was the least welcoming in the group before the season even started, she wasn’t kidding.  Maybe Garcelle saw right through Kyle’s true intentions and wasn’t going to play that game.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part 2 airs Wednesday, September 9.