RHOBH: Lisa Rinna is on her Regina George downward spiral

Lisa Rinna called her fans nasty, insisted they have bad karma, and requested they go help people..which is all advice she should take for herself.

It seems like every day, Lisa Rinna is taking some ridiculous stance on her Instagram, calling people out for something she can’t even do herself.  Forever telling people to “own it” without being able to responsibility for a single thing in her own life.  She’s arguing with people, yelling at strangers in her comments, and calling them names, all for what?  It’s been a bad season for her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it isn’t even over yet.

Yesterday, in an already deleted post, Rinna posted a photo telling her fans to go [expletive] themselves.  “All you nasty [expletives], I don’t give a [expletive] what you think about me so don’t waste mine or your time. Go give back, go spread love. Go volunteer and go help people. Shut the [expletive] up. You live behind a screen and your karma is bad.”  All of the incorrect grammar is her own.

So that’s it.  Lisa Rinna cracked.  She’s on her Regina George downward spiral and next, she’ll be at the discount wig store where she can’t fit into any ugly wigs because her head is too big.  It’s her tragic next step.  And while we’re at it – wearing wings is not a personality.  If she’s asking people to go volunteer and help others, she should really try that too.

So while Rinna can pretend she isn’t bothered by the fan’s reaction to her awful behavior, she very obviously is bothered.  For saying that someone lives behind a screen, Rinna has posted 23 Instagram posts, not including the 5 or so that were deleted, and COUNTESS stories.  Who lives behind a screen again?  Also, without the “screen,” Rinna would be nothing.  She’s famous because she’s on a TELEVISION SHOW.  A SCREEN IS REQUIRED.

Discussing her atrocious behavior is only serving to keep her relevant, but it’s hard not to document her atrocious behavior for whatever happens next.  All Rinna had to do was basically be quiet and ride out the storm while her behavior plays out on television.  Instead, she’s alienating her fan base one ridiculous post at a time.

Nothing would be lost if RHOBH lost Rinna, but Rinna would have nothing left but ugly dancing videos if she lost RHOBH.  She’s a huge part of the toxicity in the group, and we’d all be better off without her on TV.  Have a seat and eat a Kälteen bar, Rinna.

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