Vanderpump Rules: The not-so-swift downfall of Stassi Schroeder

VANDERPUMP RULES, Lisa Vanderpump, Stassi Schroeder -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart)
VANDERPUMP RULES, Lisa Vanderpump, Stassi Schroeder -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart) /

Vanderpump Rules and Stassi Schroeder are finally having their day of reckoning as fans call for some kind of action…but will Bravo be able to deliver?

Stassi Schroeder, self-proclaimed queen of Vanderpump Rules, ranch dressing, being basic, and other unimportant titles, is having a bad week. And by a bad week, we mean all of her past racist actions are finally catching up with her in a big way.

Stassi, along with a few of her co-stars, has been facing the consequences after an issue with Faith Stowers, who was on the hit show for a season. This isn’t the first time Stassi has come under fire for her actions, but it may be the last.

Stassi once posted a photo of her, Kristen, and Rachel O’Brien with the title “Nazi chic.”  Us Weekly has the photo on their website.  Stassi “apologized” by saying, “Me trying to make a joke that won’t offend anyone in 2017.”  Stassi received no consequences for this.

But then, Stassi and Kristen Doute went after Faith publicly when Faith and Jax Taylor hooked up during the course of Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s relationship.  Stassi and Kristen claimed that a photo of an African American woman sought for robbery was Faith, and called the cops to let them know.  Stassi actually thought this story was funny enough to share publicly at one point on the Bitch Bible podcast. The host, Jackie Schimmel, has since apologized to Faith privately.

According to Us Weekly again, Stassi also criticized the #MeToo movement back in 2017.  She made a comment about rape victims and questioned if we were on a “male witch hunt” to try and get justice.  Following this, Stassi was dropped by Rent the Runway, Simple Contacts, and Framebridge.

But now Stassi is being dropped by anyone and everyone with ties to her.  UTA, or United Talent Agency, represented Stassi until last night. Her PR firm, Metro Public Relations, also dropped her Monday afternoon.  Ritual Vitamins, Secret Deodorant, and Billie have confirmed they are done with Stassi at this time as well.

Stassi posted a carefully crafted apology to her Instagram, just eleven minutes after Kristen posted her own.  Bravo also attempted to put their money where their mouth is and pledged $100 million to focus on social justice, education, digital equity, and their employees.  Unfortunately for them, the fans want more.  Faith has stated that neither Kristen or Stassi apologized to her directly, a sure sign of performative actions and not a sincere apology.

Bravo’s silence on the treatment of Faith and the turning of a blind eye to Stassi’s many unforgivable offenses has really alienated much of their fan base.  The lack of comment on Stassi and the lack of accountability has left the hit show, Vanderpump Rules, in a strange and dark limbo.  It has been struggling with the cast in the last two seasons and had almost 20 cast members for the more recent season – but it was lackluster at best.

Now with the “cancel culture” coming for Stassi, Kristen, and the show in general, is there any way to come back from this?  The mindless fun of watching sloppy-drunk-twenty-year-olds fight over mimosas lost its allure a long time ago.

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The next few days should be interesting, but if Bravo doesn’t comment on the situation at hand and specifically denounce Stassi, I have a feeling this won’t be the end by any means.

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo….for reruns.