Below Deck: Kate Chastain announced she is done with the show

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Season:7 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Season:7 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo) /

During the final episode of this season of Below Deck, Kate Chastain announced she was done with the show, for now, after six seasons.

Kate Chastain is sort of synonymous with Below Deck, catching the hearts of everyone after her arrival in the second season.  Kate and her phallic rocket ships and quick wit have definitely been a  huge part of the show.  One of the main draws of Below Deck is that the cast changes so much from season to season, but Kate remained chief stew throughout and viewers took comfort in her presence.

Cheers to you, Kate

The post on her Instagram page is hot on the heels of the Below Deck reunion which many thought portrayed the women in an unfair light.  The men, such as Ashton Pienaar, seemed to get away with everything while Kate and her team got grilled about everything from their smiles to their laundry skills.  And she got sand kicked in her eye but pffft, Kevin’s feelings were hurt.

In Kate’s Instagram caption, she noted that she was looking for a more land-based role, but fully supported Andy Cohen.  I wonder if this means Kate might be working for Bravo still, just in another capacity?  She recently made the move to New York after being stationed in Florida.

This season was a rocky one for Kate as most of the time the interior was on the outs with the deck crew.  Kate struggled to deal with the antics of the men, including Ashton punching a window while hammered in the van and trying to kiss her without permission.

What’s next for Kate?

Perhaps Kate will even get her own show now, who knows.  But it is clear she loved her time with all of her fellow yachtie friends – but everyone grows up someday.

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Thank you for all of your wonderful towel foldings and your sparkling unicorn drinks – they will live on forever in our hearts.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on Mondays at 9 PM ET.