Below Deck: The rise and fall of Ashton Pienaar aboard Valor

BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Ashton Pienaar -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Ashton Pienaar -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

The Below Deck crew is cleaning up their mess after a night out that ended in disaster, but is Ashton actually remorseful?

After last week’s Below Deck situation between Kate Chastain and Ashton Pienaar, Kate ended up leaving the boat.  When the crew woke up the next morning, Ashton realized that he messed up. But of course, actions speak louder than words and his actions show he isn’t remorseful at all.

Everyone hates Kate

On the Below Deck After Show, the boys blamed Kate for all that happened.  They said Kate should not have asked, “How’s your mom?”  As if that’s an offensive question to begin with.    Rhylee Gerber said that Kate feels alienated from the group, a feeling Rhylee is not unfamiliar with.  Based on the conversations had about Kate while she was off the boat, she does seem to garner extra negativity from the men.  “Good riddance, fake Kate,” Chef Kevin sang to himself as he washed dishes.

Before the next charter, Kate returns to the boat with a fresh blowout and a fresh attitude.  She said she’s back and doesn’t have to be nice anymore.  Captain Lee loves Kate like his daughter and when he calls her to have a conversation with her, his feelings are of concern, not anger.

Since all of the backlash Ashton received, he insisted he was sorry and “it” won’t happen again.    What we saw on the show, was that Ashton didn’t remember much from the night before but said he would be the bigger person and apologize.  There was no need for Kate to apologize…all Kate did was leave the boat because she didn’t feel safe.

Except for Captain Lee

Captain Lee seemed to agree when he tweeted out, “She has nothing to apologize for. She is the bigger person for not reminding you of what a horrible person you were.”  Perhaps that is what made Ashton so angry.  Her rapport with the captain and the producers comes from her tenure and her experience…which has been earned.  Ashton is not earning any respect by treating his fellow crew members in such a manner – especially the women on the crew.

What exactly is Ashton’s problem?

Meanwhile, Ashton also threw Rhylee under the bus when they went to a spot with the guests that wasn’t zoned for fishing.  He let Lee know that Rhylee didn’t know the area for fishing.  But as the Bosun, isn’t Ashton more responsible for knowing the area than a deckhand?

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In next week’s preview, it looked like Ashton was talking to the captain about firing Rhylee and working a man down for the next two charters.  The common denominator here appears to be Ashton…and women.  After his recent interactions with Captain Lee, from the ruined DJ equipment, Kate leaving the boat, and now suggesting the fire Rhylee, it will be interesting to see the response Ashton gets…to be continued.

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