Below Deck: Andy came for Kate and defended Ashton at the reunion

The Below Deck reunion was disappointing in many ways, but the lack of accountability from the men was super disheartening.

The Below Deck reunion is upon us after the season ended with so much tension between the cast.  Unfortunately, the men got away with whatever they wanted last night as well.  It was supposed to be redemption, or at the very least, some sort justice for the women on the mega yacht Valor.  But that did not happen.

I’m not positive what prompted such a sideways show, but Andy Cohen seemed very disinterested in hearing from the women last night.  While Kate Chastain was busy getting sand kicked in her eye for no reason, Andy let that roll off his back because he was more interested in knowing why she made Simone Mashile do laundry.

The women, and Captain Lee Rosbach, were articulate in explaining their views and opinions, while the men sat there and more or less said: “You were bitchy.”  Courtney Skippon revealed that as the seasoned played out on television, she had to block Brian de Saint Pern because he was bothering her through text message.

He seemed confused that she would even bring up his behavior at the reunion.  “I’m not going to co-sign your behavior by being silent about it.”  The MVP of the night: Courtney.

Meanwhile, Rhylee Gerber did a great job of mediating while Andy was busy praising the men.  Sometimes at reunions, you can tell the group is just amping up the drama for high ratings at the end of the season.  But this group…this group seems to hate one another.

Ashton Pienaar looked incredibly angry all night and was in a particularly bad mood.  When asked what he was doing for work, he is working on a boat due to a new relationship he is in.  As Rhylee put it, “his ties are he’s [expletive] someone.”  I wonder if he has issues with finding work after his behavior starting playing out on television?

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Ashton even felt that he could ask Captain Lee and Kate questions and then got mad that they had opinions….even though he inquired about said opinions.  He even used the phrase “defamation of character.”  And Andy just let all of that go but was interested in why Kate was mean to Chef Kevin Dobson.

It looks like Captain Lee walked off the set in the second part of the reunion – so it should be interesting to see what prompted that.

The Below Deck reunion part 2 will air Monday, February 17, 2020.