RHOD: Jen Shah of RHOSL is on her way to Dallas to confront Brandi Redmond

RHOD’s Brandi Redmond said new RHOSL housewife Jen Shah rented a home for filming and Jen apparently jumped on a plane to go to Dallas.

Follow along if you can!  Brandi Redmond was on her podcast, Weekly Dose of B.S. with Stephanie Hollman of RHOD and apparently said that new housewife of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah, was renting a house.  She was renting a house because the HOA in her current home would not allow them to film there.  So, she apparently rented a home that is bigger than hers from a friend of Brandi’s in order to film in it.

Jen Shah seems very reasonable

Sounds harmless enough, right?  Well, Mrs. Shah FLIPPED.  She’s been commenting left and right on Instagram posts saying she rents a ski chalet and owns four homes.  “AND YES I run around in the snow in my 6 inch Louboutins bcuz what else would I wear?” She also said she carries hot sauce and vaseline in her bag before telling Brandi to stay out of her zip code.  She added a friendly “Happy Black History Month” at the end of that confusing statement.   Then she told Brandi to get a facelift and dye her hair.

Very reasonable, I said

Jen proceeded to book a first-class Delta flight at the cost of $1,579 to go to Dallas overnight.  She also told the city of Dallas to be “very afraid” of her arrival.  Now, Brandi’s mouth has gotten her in trouble before (like, very recently) but I’m confused about why this is a big deal.  UNLESS Jen Shah is a faker and she’s actually mad Brandi called her out.  A ton of people rent homes for shows because they can’t film in them.  I do believe Jen owns homes, so why is she so pressed Brandi made a comment about it?  Suspicious!

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After Brandi’s racist video surfaced, she checked in to a wellness center to recover or something, and quickly came back to the podcast to apologize.  If you remember, a vintage RHOD moment was when Brandi got upset that someone pointed out she lived in Plano as opposed to Dallas proper.  I have no idea why this argument is even happening, but I’m sure going to keep up with the drama.

Stay tuned for more information about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!

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