Real Housewives of Dallas: The biggest moments from part II of the reunion

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS -- "Guess Who's Coming to Happy Hour?" Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kary Brittingham, Brandi Redmond -- (Photo by: Peter Larsen/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS -- "Guess Who's Coming to Happy Hour?" Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kary Brittingham, Brandi Redmond -- (Photo by: Peter Larsen/Bravo) /

The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion part two covered a lot of ground with the women.  Check out some of the highs, and lows, from the event.

The Real Housewives of Dallas and LeeAnne Locken’s use of racist comments was the biggest topic. But, first, Andy addressed some other major events of The Real Housewives of Dallas season 4. There’s a lot to unpack here, as Andy Cohen might say!

The Infinity Dress: A Joke?

During the ladies’ cast trip to Thailand, everyone was getting along until D’Andra Simmons came to dinner wearing LeeAnne’s L’Infinity dress (still available for $150, by the way!). LeeAnne knew from the jump that D’Andra had worn the dress, not as a friendly joke or to flatter her, but to embarrass her. For once, the other ladies agreed that was the intention of both D’Andra and Kary Brittingham.

D’Andra admitted that she did wear the dress as a joke, to be shady, and to give LeeAnne a taste of her own medicine. She felt that LeeAnne had made fun of all the other women and that they were all terrified of her. D’Andra is NOT. She also told LeeAnne that she missed a big opportunity to sell the dress by showing everyone how the dress works. Kary apologized for her part in it but said she wished LeeAnne had told her at the moment how upset she was because they could have resolved it there.

The Ping-Pong Show: Human Trafficking?

Also while in Thailand, the ladies went to a special kind of show that involves women and ping pong balls. It was Kary’s idea to go but then left the show early out of shock. The rest of the ladies stayed for a total of 15 minutes. LeeAnne was annoyed with Kary for taking them to the show and then bailing. Back at the hotel, LeeAnne took her anger out on Kameron Westcott. Even though LeeAnne attended the show and stayed for the whole time with the other ladies, she lashed out at Kameron for doing exactly the same thing. She told her that it’s not acceptable in Dallas society for Kameron to be seen in a place that was trafficking women and that her reputation would now be ruined. She brought Kameron to tears.

When the other ladies learned what had transpired back at the hotel between LeeAnne and Kameron, they came to Kameron’s defense. They accused LeeAnne of manipulating Kameron and trying to scare her because LeeAnne was simply angry and jealous that Kameron had been getting closer to Kary on the trip. Kameron did not speak up at that moment, simply excusing LeeAnne’s behavior because of her past. But at Bruin’s adoption anniversary party, Kameron did stand up for herself to LeeAnne.

Andy asked LeeAnne why she seemed to be fine with the “ladyboy” show, which they’d also gone to, but wasn’t okay with the ping pong show. LeeAnne claimed that she didn’t like the ladyboy show either, but the ladies disputed that, saying that LeeAnne was singing along to the songs and didn’t want to leave.

There was a debate about whether or not the shows in the Red Light District were sex trafficking. LeeAnne and Kameron said that the women in the shows are sex slaves who are being exploited, while the other ladies said it’s nothing more than a strip club employing adults who made a choice to work there. Chrissy Tiegen, who is Thai, tweeted in to say that nothing goes on in the Thai clubs that couldn’t go on here in the United States.  I’m not sure that is a yay or nay on the sex trafficking question…

Is Kameron Elitest?

This discussion inevitably led to the oft-repeated mention of Kameron being a part of Dallas society and what is and is not acceptable in this very wealthy and proper world. Kameron said that things can happen if you piss certain people off in Dallas society. “You can pretend that it’s not true, but it is.”

Stephanie Hollman said that she thought Dallas society was a bunch of BS. “Just live your life and who cares what rich people think of you?”  Kameron claimed to hate the words “society” and “elite.” Andy pointed out that she sounded very elitist when she implied that she could have LeeAnne knocked out of Dallas society. “I didn’t say I would,” said Kameron with a smirk. “You can’t knock someone out who’s not in,” muttered D’Andra.

D’Andra’s Mamma Drama

Much of D’Andra’s storyline on season four focused on the skincare company, Hard Night Good Morning, which her mother had finally turned over to her.  D’Andra discovered that it was not in good financial shape, and she struggled to save it. The big question was: Did Mamma Dee set her up to fail? Andy told D’Andra that Mamma Dee seemed completely lacking any remorse over the situation. D’Andra said that her mother feels guilty now after seeing herself on the show. She has since paid off the office lease.

The company is now doing amazing. D’Andra has turned the business around: She brought on new team members that are successful at growing brands, has deals with HSN and Dillard’s, and is now earning a paycheck from it. D’Andra’s relationship with her mom is in a great place.


Andy’s final question was this: What would you apologize for from this season and to whom? Here are the answers:

·       D’Andra apologized to LeeAnne for making fun of the L’Infinity dress, and to Mamma Dee for some unkind things she said.

·       Brandi Redmond apologized to Kary for going to bed early in Mexico. “It’s totally not like me, and I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

·       Kary apologized to LeeAnne for hurting her about the dress and calling her stupid.

·       Kameron apologized to Kary for not telling her sooner about LeeAnne’s comments.

·       Stephanie apologized to Kary for not saying something to LeeAnne on the spot about her comments and for not telling Kary about it.

·       LeeAnne apologized to Kary and to the RHOD audience for her words. She broke down in tears and promised that she would never do it again. Kary said that at the end of the day, it’s actions that count more than words to prove that she means her apology.

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The reunion wrapped up with a few fun facts about The Real Housewives of Dallas and the cast members, such as:  Stephanie can’t pronounce Thai words to save her own life.  She demonstrated this to us.  Kary has never used a condom.  This was also unfortunately demonstrated.  Julio Iglesias is Spanish and from Spain…he is not Mexican.   Andy now has a Mamma Dee wig on display in the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen clubhouse.

The Real Housewives of Dallas will hopefully be back later this year…