RHOD: Brandi Redmond is out of the “wellness center” and has a message

Brandi Redmond of RHOD is speaking out on her podcast about the insensitive video she posted a few years ago that recently resurfaced.

Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman of RHOD have a weekly podcast titled, Weekly Dose of BS, aka a Weekly Dose of Brandi and Stephanie.  Last week, Stephanie said that Brandi was taking the week off to enter a wellness center after a video surfaced of her mocking individuals of Asian descent.  What kind of wellness center deals with racially insensitive videos, anyway?

Brandi returned to the podcast yesterday with an episode titled, A Message From Brandi...You can see her read the statement in an Instagram video posted to her personal account.  The beginning of the statement started out okay, with her taking responsibility for making the video…kind of.  “Along the way we make mistakes and we challenge ourselves to be better people,” Brandi said.  Though she took responsibility for making the video, Brandi claims the video was an effort to “take her down.”

But then she mostly went into reading a statement about how she wants to “live, laugh, and love” in the world we live in.  Brandi also put the blame on LeeAnne Locken for holding onto the video for two years to use against her “maliciously.”  This part I do not disagree with, but it isn’t LeeAnne’s fault that Brandi made the video.

I also believe that LeeAnne (or whoever LeeAnne sent the video to) wanted to take the heat off her own indiscretions after the reunion.  The gist of the video was that it wasn’t Brandi’s fault the video resurfaced, it was someone else’s fault for holding on to the video for so long.

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Brandi was one of the most outspoken members of The Real Housewives of Dallas cast about LeeAnne’s use of the word “Mexican,” which doesn’t look good for either of the women now.  The whole thing is a mess, and I’m not sure this video (apology?) is going to cut it for viewers already on the fence about the franchise.

The Real Housewives of Dallas will hopefully be back later this year…

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