Siggy Flicker is out of control on RHONJ

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Siggy Flicker has been out of control this season. Starting with episode 1 to the present she has exhibited very rude and outrageous behavior.

Siggy loudly and proudly states she is a relationship expert. But, it appears with her insults, screaming and totally out of control actions, she is the one that needs to seek counseling.

She has relentlessly insulted new housewife Margaret Josephs. Siggy has also insulted and shamed Melissa Gorga. For someone who insists she is a professional, she has acted in a very non-professional way. If she is doing these actions to ensure her spot next season, it may backfire on her. Most of the posts I have read about her from the fans do not approve of her antics and many have stated they would like to see her kicked off the show.

Who acts like this to their so-called friends?

Siggy Flicker supposedly views the others as her friends. However, her actions are not consistent with her words so far. It appears she has alienated every one of the cast members except Dolores Catania. With her past history, Danielle Staub may end up being the one that puts Siggy in her place. And she (Danielle) may do it in a not so nice manner.

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The retreat she organized was a total disaster. She actually made what could have been a progressive and positive action into one of chaos and discord. Siggy refuses to give up the cake throwing incident and has continued to refer to it since it happened. She is beating a dead horse on a lot of issues and as she proclaims should be done “she needs to MOVE ON”.

The gals are now in Milan. On vacation. Supposedly to have a great time. But Siggy will see to it that this trip will end in a negative way for everyone with her continued verbal blasting. Someone needs to put her in her place and give her what is coming to her which is a taste of her own medicine regarding her comments.

Most recently she was insulted when Margaret used an analogy of Hitler and Siggy took it totally in the wrong way. On purpose. Just to kick up even more nastiness with the group. If Dolores turns against her in the end, Siggy is going to be out in the cold with no one on her side!

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Looking forward to the next Milan episode of RHONJ to see what happens next with this group. I would love to see Theresa kick in on this issue and give Siggy Flicker a verbal shot!