RHONJ fans left confused as Teresa Giudice says her ex-husband ‘never yelled’

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Teresa Giudice (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Teresa Giudice (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

If you have been watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey since the beginning, then you have seen a lot of the Teresa Giudice drama over the years. We have watched her daughters grow up, her family falls apart, her parents pass away, she and her ex-husband go to prison, and even her new romance with her current husband, Louis Ruelas.

And if there is one thing that RHONJ fans remember, it was Juicy Joe Giudice. No matter what you may think of both Teresa and Joe, they definitely had an interesting marriage, at least based on what we saw on our TV screens.

But in a recent episode of her podcast, Namaste B$tches, Teresa Giudice confused fans when she said that her ex-husband “never yelled.” According to Reality Tea, while speaking about the temperament of husbands, Teresa explained that,

"When we used to be married, he never yelled. My kids didn’t grow up with yelling in the house. And then Luis’ even calmer… I mean Joe would speak and curse but not at me, it’s just the way he talked. Like he would curse when he talked."

Teresa Giudice says that Joe Giudice never yelled during their marriage

Of course, fans were left confused by this statement as we have all seen the footage from the series. And there were definitely some not-nice things said in that household. Maybe Joe Giudice didn’t yell, but he also wasn’t always the nicest person ever either.

And fans certainly had some things to say about the “never yelled” comment, as they took to the comments section to not only call out Teresa Giudice but even her loyal fans. One comment asked if she was “delusional,” while another comment read, “Are you serious? We all watched Joe yell and call everyone names.”

On the one hand, we appreciate the fact that Teresa seems to be about the positive vibes on her podcast, especially when talking about her ex-husband, but it just feels like she is forgetting the fact that there was a camera crew in her home for a number of years. And we have seen some things that make us wonder exactly what the RHONJ star remembers from those early years on the show.

Are you surprised by Teresa saying that Joe never yelled? Do you remember seeing him yell while on the show?

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