Danielle Staub is sticking up for Teresa Giudice’s marriage, takes shots at Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker

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During her RHONJ return, Danielle Staub has reconciled with Teresa Giudice and she’s been sticking up for Tre pretty hard lately. 

It seems that Danielle Staub really wants to make sure she never gets on Teresa Giudice’s bad side again. Now that the RHONJ stars have made up, Danielle has become the number one defender of Teresa’s marriage. When Kim D. started spreading rumors about Teresa allegedly cheating on Joe, Danielle took aim at Dolores Catania and SIggy Flicker, whom she said had no business cavorting with Kim D. in the first place.

The Teresa Giudice cheating rumors are no secret. We’ve been talking about them for a while now. The gist of the rumor is that since Joe Giudice has been in prison, Teresa has been very friendly with a friend of her brother’s named Shane.

Teresa and Shane go way back due to his friendship with her brother. However, in recent months, Shane has been there for Teresa a lot. He’s been to her book signings and he’s been showing up in her Instagram photos. There are even reports that Teresa and Shane have been texting so much that Melissa was worried the affair rumor would make it onto RHONJ — and here we are.

Teresa Giudice cheating rumors make their way to RHONJ 

It all came up in the last episode of RHONJ when Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker agreed to walk in Kim DePaola’s Poche Fashion Show. While they were hanging out with Kim D., she started gossipping about Teresa and those rumors she seems so happy to spread lately. Despite Dolores and Siggy not wanting any part of the cheating claims, it seems that they’ve been sucked into the drama.

When Dolores and Siggy went back to Teresa to tell them about what Kim said, it was Danielle who took aim at her RHONJ co-stars. She claimed that the two were “intentionally using their platform to hurt Teresa and Melissa.”

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In an interview with Too Fab, Danielle Staub broke it down from her point of view. And from her point of view, Dolores and Siggy are all the way in the wrong. Then again, did we expect her to side any differently after the way Dolores ripped into her just a few weeks ago?

“It is absolutely 100 percent not true, and it is unacceptable to even suggest it,” Danielle explained. “People need to stay out of her marriage. Her marriage is just fine. I’ve been there when she’s been on the phone with Joe, and I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the conversation and speaking with Joe. You can see that they are madly in love with each other.”

Is it fine though? It kind of seems like Danielle didn’t read Teresa’s new book. In it, she speaks pretty frankly about her feelings toward Joe after spending a year in prison. Cheating or not, it’s pretty clear that there is plenty of trouble in paradise.

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The bigger issue here is whether or not Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker were doing Teresa dirty? After all, they did tell Kim DePaola that they were going to let Teresa know what was being said about her. Then, they bee-lined it to Teresa and they told her exactly what was being said. Are they really bad friends because they opted to still walk in the Posche Fashion Show? Should Dolores and Siggy have turned down the opportunity because of Teresa? That seems silly and petty but then again, so are most of the fights among Bravo stars.