RHONJ divorce shocker: Margaret Josephs divorce details revealed

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Margaret Josephs is the newcomer on Season 8 of Real Housewives of New Jersey so naturally, we have to talk about her sordid past. 

We’ve just dipped our toes into Season 8 of RHONJ and the drama is already high. Margaret Josephs joined the cast this season and the self-proclaimed “powerhouse in pigtails” has already stirred the pot in a major way.

Margaret was brought to RHONJ by Siggy Flicker, who quickly turned into her worst enemy. Siggy is upset at Margaret for planning a special beach memorial for Teresa during their trip to Boca Raton. In turn, Margaret is upset at Siggy for making such a scene about the cake throwing and for leaving her hanging after the drama went down during their fancy dinner-turned-food-fight.

Ever since Season 8 of RHONJ premiered a few weeks back, Margaret has been criticizing and taking shots at Siggy in an obvious attempt to continue the drama, and in turn, increase the ratings for the show. She’s doing a great job at stirring the pot so early in her reality TV career.

While Margaret has been busy pointing fingers at her former friend and cozying up to the popular New Jersey housewives, fans and bloggers have busily been digging up dirt on her. And there’s dirt, a whole lot of dirt!

Margaret Josephs is currently working on her second marriage and in terms of Real Housewives stars, that’s really not that big of a deal. Many of the Bravo stars have been married multiple times. However, it’s how Margaret’s first marriage ended and the second one began that is the real story here.

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According to CelebuzzMargaret Josephs married Jan Josephs in 1994. He already had three children whom Margaret helped raise They also had a child together.

Margaret and Jan were divorced in June 2013 after remaining married for 19 years. Just weeks later, Margaret Josephs married her current husband, Joe Benigno, in Las Vegas.

“When I met my husband Joe, we were both married to separate people,” Margaret explained. “He had come into my life because he was a contractor and he came in to do our molding. My marriage was going down the tubes and we had this unbelievable chemistry and we fell in love. Leaving my first husband was a very big scandal in our town, but this is my f**king life, and you know what, take me for who I am!”

The new RHONJ star hasn’t been shy about telling her story but her version sounds much more romantic than cheating on your husband with the contractor then getting a divorce only to run off and marry said contractor. According to Radar Online, that is exactly what happened.

Considering how opinionated Margaret has been so far, let’s just hope she doesn’t try to give any marriage advice. Then again, it might be kind of fun if she does.

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