There's a 'big chance' Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky won't get back together

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Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky's separation has been major news since last year when they announced that the two of them were separated. Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filmed during the early days of their separation, so the season has given viewers an inisde look to what their life is like now and what lead ot their separation.

In the season finale, Kyle Richards gave a tearful update on what happened between her and Mauricio and admitted that there is a "big chance" the two of them won't be getting back together.


In the episode, Sutton Stracke referenced the fact that Kyle and Mauricio had relationship trouble prior to their separation, but that they hadn't mentioned to anyone around them that they were planning on breaking up.

"[T]his didn't happen overnight and the truth is, we've always known about problems in her marriage leading up to this," Stracke said in the episode and referred to the fact that Richards had kept the status of her marriage so secretive as "sus" and speculated that her co-star had been lying to them.

When asked by Erika Jayne if those relationship troubles involved infidelity on either side of the relationship, a question that has been stirring up rumors all over the Internet among Housewives fans, Richards said that their separation is "between Mo and me" and said during the episode that there isn't "one big, huge thing" that lead to their split.

Despite this, fans are suspicious that Kyle might be hiding something -- especially after other things that she said during the episode about her separation.

At one point during the episode, Kyle Richards is asked by a producer about what happened in their marriage and her response to the question is one that has fans wondering whether or not the "things" that made Kyle Richards "lose [her] trust" involved Mauricio Umansky having an affair.

"There were things that happened that made me lose my trust and I wasn't able to recover from."

While viewers are still no closer to answers about why Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky chose to separate, it does seem like they're closer to knowing what the future holds for the two reality stars. In a confessional during the episode, Kyle Richards opens up about her marriage by saying, "I've come to realize that, you know, there's a big chance that we're not gonna end up together."