Pokimane has left Twitch

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The 8th Annual Streamy Awards - Arrivals / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

After streaming on livestreaming platform Twitch for a decade, one of its biggest names has left the platform. On January 30, she announced that it was "the end of an era" as she took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a screenshot of Twitch being downloaded in the Apple App Store with her face prominently in the app's description.

This announcement left fans wondering about the future of the streamer. Twitch has had a number of shakeups with their creators lately with Ludwig Ahgren famously leaving the platform to stream exclusively on YouTube before announcing he will be streaming "some events" on Twitch as well, xQc left Twitch for a reported $100 million exclusive deal to stream on Kick, and other streamers like Sykkuno and Myth signed exclusive deals on YouTube as well.

While so many other streamers have announced that they've taken exclusive contracts to stream on different websites, it looks like Pokimane is taking a different route and streaming "no strings attached" for the time being.

On January 31, one day after she announced that her contract with Twitch had ended and she would be moving on to the next chapter in her livestreaming life, Pokimane announced that she would be part of a YouTube vs. Twitch streaming event and be doing her first YouTube stream "no strings attached."

It's unclear what Pokimane's "no strings" livestreaming future will hold and whether she will be streaming on YouTube full-time and just didn't sign a contract or if she'll be streaming back and forth on YouTube and Twitch (or if she'll even throw a Kick stream in the mix).

Although Pokimane's original announcement may have made some fans think she was done streaming altogether, Pokimane was quick to reassure her fans that she wasn't leaving the internet forever. In addition to this major livestreaming shakeup, Pokimane also recently launched a cookie brand called Myna Snacks, so fans can rest easy knowing that she's still got some tricks up her sleeve, wherever she may be streaming.