Kai Cenat has been banned from Twitch just days after surprise guest Adele

Quackity and Kai Cenat (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dick clark productions)
Quackity and Kai Cenat (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dick clark productions) /

A platform which has took over the internet in recent years is Twitch. Largely recognised for it’s heavy gaming content, it’s also been the home to some hilarious content creators such as Kai Cenat. However, the platform is very strict in its rules and it allows for nobody to break them, regardless of how lucrative the streamer may be.

Twitch users woke up today in a state of confusion, as they were no longer able to access the profile of Kai Cenat. Having previously been the most subscribed to user on the platform, with over 300,000 at its peak, has had his account banned.

Twitch is yet to reveal why, but fans have had a pretty good guess. It’s obvious that Kai had violated the rules in some way and through some detective work, fans think they know which rule that is.

As per indy100, fans recalled the time where Twitch user JinnyTTY had their account removed due to dangerous driving. Kai Cenat was seen driving a motorcycle in his room, crashing into his desk. I mean, when it comes to dangerous driving, I don’t think driving a motorcycle indoors is the safest, so this could definitely be why.

Mainstream culture fans might be shocked to know that just a few days before this (very amateur) motorcycle stunt artist ruined his setup, Adele made a guest appearance on his stream. Yep, in a world of weird crossovers, I bet that not even Marvel fans can top that one.

Kai Cenat hasn’t been vocal about the banning of his account but this is because he likely doesn’t care. For the longest time, fans have predicted that he’ll soon move over to Kick, a platform which Twitch should be majorly concerned about since they’re the biggest competitor in the market.

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Do you think Kai Cenat should’ve had his account banned?