Paris Hilton accuses Mauricio Umansky of using Hilton name to promote 'lame show'

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Mauricio Umansky got people talking after he seemed to throw some shade at Rick Hilton, his brother-in-law and father of socialite Paris Hilton, after he made some comments about the way his business relationship with Hilton & Hyland ended on his show, Buying Beverly Hills.

This comment didn't just draw the attention of fans of the show, it also caught the eye of his niece, Paris Hilton, who took to Instagram to leave a comment defending her father -- and called out Mauricio Umansky for "using the Hilton name" to promote his "lame show."

What did Mauricio Umansky say about Rick Hilton?

In case you missed it, Mauricio Umansky is the currently separated husband of Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has a career in real estate, which is featured on Buying Beverly Hills. He previously worked for Hilton & Hyland, the real estate luxury firm that his brother-in-law, Rick Hilton, had founded.

According to Mauricio, he "got kind of f--ked by Hilton & Hyland" when a business deal made his relationship with Kyle's family a little awkward.

"And when I say f--ked, you know, like, today I'm happy. But there was a hundred agents at Hilton & Hyland. They did a billion dollars for the first time a year. I was 19.6 percent of their production. I went to Rick and said, 'I'd really like equity, right, and to be a partner.' He went back, talked to Jeff [Hyland], he got back to me, and basically, I was told 'no.' Then I went home, I talked to Kyle, I go, 'This is really going to cause a lot of stress between you, your sister, and your family, and I don't want to do this move of leaving and starting a company if you're not comfortable."

According to Mauricio, Kyle Richards was completely supportive of Mauricio leaving her brother-in-law's real estate firm to work on his own, but his decision to leave the company caused a rift between Kyle's family's relationship with the two of them. He said that Kyle agreed that he was treated badly at Hilton & Hyland and stood by his decision to leave the company.

Mauricio went on to say, "I would never be caught speaking poorly about them because I don't think poorly about them. I am Rick's brother-in-law, but unfortunately, it got sour because it really affected the family, Kyle more than anybody."

What did Paris Hilton say about Mauricio Umansky?

A fan account shared the clip from Buying Beverly Hills and Paris Hilton, niece of Mauricio Umansky through his wife's family, didn't hold back when it came to defending her father.

In the comment, Paris Hilton called her father a gentleman who would have never spoken negatively about anyone, implying that what Mauricio Umansky did by airing out their business drama on TV was a low blow.

She went on to fire a serious shot at Mauricio and his show by saying, "Frankly we are all sick of him using the Hilton name every chance he gets to plug his lame show. It is enough already.."

Following the callout, Paris Hilton released an episode of her podcast featuring Kyle Richards, currently separated wife of Mauricio Umansky and aunt to Paris Hilton.

It's clear from here that Paris Hilton has definitely chosen her aunt's side in this split.