Monica Garcia might've told Bravo about her Reality Von Tease account after all, according to network exec

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 drama continues. And once again it centers around Monica Garcia and her ties to the Instagram account, Reality Von Tease.

While Andy Cohen made it clear during the reunion series that he and the producers did not know about Garcia's connection to the tea-spilling social media account, Garcia stated that she told people during one of the early rounds of casting. Now it sounds like a new party is stepping up from behind the scenes to share that there is a chance that they really did know about her connection to Reality Von Tease.

According to Reality Tea, the she said, he said of it all continues as now a Bravo executive is stepping up and actually speaking out on Monica Garcia's behalf. And while he is not confirming that she did or did not say something, he is defending her in a way.

Did Bravo know about Monica Garcia and Reality Von Tease?

According to Noah Samton, an executive with NBCUniversal, he doesn't know if she really did reveal her work with the tea account, but he said it was entirely possible since there are different rounds of casting and any number of people who would be involved in the process.

"In terms of Monica talking to a producer about it at some point during casting, I don’t know, there’s [various] producers, casting producers that somebody might meet. Maybe there was a conversation that was never relayed to anybody. I don’t honestly know what that story was."

Noah Samton

Honestly, it sounds like production may have known or at least someone in the production process knew about Monica and the Instagram account, but since it was technically a burner account, when other people in the casting process did a deep dive, they didn't connect the dots.

It really seems like there was a breakdown in communication with the RHOSLC production team if Monica Garcia really did tell someone that she was associated with Reality Von Tease. And that can't be a good thing.

Based on what Samton is saying, it seems like Garcia may have been telling the truth at the reunion and that could be problematic down the road, as the other housewives were definitely unhappy with the idea that Bravo set them up. It will be interesting to see what else comes out from behind the scenes of RHOSLC.

What do you think of what the Bravo exec is saying? Do you think they are trying to backtrack for a reason?

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