Lisa Vanderpump says Rachel Leviss should have come back to VPR

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Lisa Vanderpump has responded to Rachel (Raquel) Leviss' claims about her former boss' treatment -- by suggesting that returning to Vanderpump Rules would have been a "better platform" for her telling her own side of the Scandoval scandal than a podcast.

Rachel Leviss chose not to return for season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, but she has been sharing some of her thoughts on the season and, just like the current season of the show, has been recounting the aftermath of her cheating scandal with Tom Sandoval.

"If you were really concerned about Tom having dark thoughts, you had to have considered my mental state of mind as well because we were both going through the same thing at the same time," Leviss said on a recent episode of her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, in reference to an episode of Vanderpump Rules in which Lisa Vanderpump could be seen consoling Tom Sandoval over being hurt by his breakup with Ariana Madix and the aftermath of his relationship with Rachel Leviss.

Lisa Vanderpump spoke exclusively to E! News to give her response to the claim that she doesn't care about women and share what she thought about Rachel Leviss calling her out for worrying about Tom Sandoval, but not her.

According to Vanderpump, it's perfectly fair of Rachel Leviss to share her own thoughts and she added, "But I think it would have been a much better platform to have come onVanderpump Rules and done it."

Instead of returning to the show, Leviss said that she took time to take care of her mental health at an inpatient facility and stayed mostly out of the spotlight until her podcast premiered in January 2024. According to Vanderpump, starting a podcast was the wrong choice and Leviss should go back to being a beauty queen.

"I don't know exactly what she's going to move on from. I mean, she slept with her best friend's boyfriend," she said about Rachel Leviss' life post-Scandoval.