'Vanderpump Rules' producer asked whether Raquel Leviss could ever come back

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Vanderpump Rules season 11 thrust viewers right back into the center of the months following the Scandoval cheating scandal that broke after it was revealed that Tom Sandoval had been having a long-running affair with Raquel (now going by Rachel) Leviss behind Ariana Madix's back.

Rachel Leviss is notably missing from the series and is instead hosting a podcast of her own, Rachel Goes Rogue, in which she details her side of the affair with Tom Sandoval and has shared that she chose not to return to Vanderpump Rules for her own mental health, having entered into a treatment facility and sought therapy following the season 10 reunion.

But, the question on the mind of many Vanderpump Rules viewers is whether or not they would let Rachel come back to the show as a cast member if she had a change of heart and asked to be part of the series again.

Lala Kent asked VPR executive producer if Rachel Leviss could come back to the show

On a recent episode of Give Them Lala, Lala Kent asked Vanderpump Rules executive producer Alex Baskin if Rachel Leviss would be allowed to come back to the show if she had a surprising change of heart and asked to be part of the series again.

The fact that it's Lala Kent that asked this may or may not be surprising to Vanderpump Rules fans -- Lala Kent is the cast member that was seen reaching out to Rachel Leviss after season 11 filmed, but she also said she regretted doing so later.

"Do you think you guys would ever... If Rachel/Raquel picked up the phone and said, 'I really think I messed up and I'd like to be back on the show if you'll have me.' With everything that, you know, going behind-the-scenes [would have her back]?" Lala asked the producer during an episode of her podcast.

"I don’t know. I mean, I hesitate to say never, but I just, it's such a far-fetched scenario that I would say right now, we're good where we are, and I hope she's good where she is," Vanderpump Rules executive producer Alex Baskin responded.

It sounds like the producers aren't shutting down the idea of allowing Rachel to return to filming and tell her story on Bravo TV, but it's not even something that's crossing the production crew's mind because of how obvious Rachel Leviss herself has made it that she has no interest in returning to the world of reality TV.

Previously, another Vanderpump Rules producer had expressed that they felt like Rachel "had more story to tell" and that they wanted her to return for season 11. Since Rachel is telling the rest of her story on her podcast, it doesn't seem like she's going to return to the series, but the producers don't seem against the idea if anything ever changes.