Kody Brown says he felt like a 'prisoner' in marriage to Christine

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Sister Wives just keeps getting messier and messier with each Sister Wives Talk Back special that airs.

During part 3 of the special, Kody revealed that he felt like a "prisoner" in his marriage to Christine and that she was "brave" for making the decision to leave him. Plus, he claims that there was a woman he courted off-and-on since before he married Janelle, but Christine "shut it down" when Kody considered marrying her.

Kody married his first wife, Meri, in 1990 and subsequently married Janelle, Christine, and Robyn in 1993, 1994, and 2010, respectively. But, over the course of under two years, their plural marriage fell apart in the public eye as his first three wives chose to leave their marriage, leaving Kody married only to Robyn.

Kody claims Christine stopped him from taking a fourth wife way before Robyn

According to Kody, he was courting an additional anonymous woman after marrying Meri, but before he married Janelle. This courtship never went anywhere, but he says that she stayed interested in marrying him later and one of his wives "shut it down."

"After I married Christine, she still wanted to be family. Christine shut it down the first time because Christine and I were friends, she says, ‘I'd never marry you if you married her,'" Kody revealed on the Sister Wives special. He said Christine had "no interest" in making the woman part of their family, but Christine doesn't recall the story quite the same way.

"I just don't even remember her wanting to marry Kody. It's just a lie. I'm sorry, that's just a lie," Christine said when she thought back on Kody's claims. She went on to ask how that story is relevant and questioned why Kody is "living in the past."

Kody's justification for bringing up such an old story is that he was. looking back on the "sacrifices" he made to love Christine who he says he felt like a "prisoner" to while they were married.

Kody, who had previously revealed he was only in love with Robyn and none of the other wives, called Christine "brave" for making the decision to leave him and opened up in the Sister Wives: Look Back special that he wasn't able to tell Christine to leave their marriage when he realized it wasn't working.

"I'm the prisoner here," he recalled and said in plural marriages, the husband typically reaches out to the church about their marriage not working anymore, but admits that this doesn't always mean that a divorce is feasible. "It's like, 'I just can't do this anymore.' And they'll say to him, 'Dude, you're stuck. You don't have that choice.' Once we've committed to marrying a woman, the choice is gone."

Christine announced she had "grown apart" from Kody and would be leaving their marriage in 2021, making her the third wife that Kody married and the first to leave their plural marriage. In the months that followed, Janelle and Meri followed suit, leaving Kody married only to his most recent wife, Robyn.