Kelly Rowland is tired of being asked about Beyonce

Netflix's "Mea Culpa" Chicago Screening
Netflix's "Mea Culpa" Chicago Screening / Barry Brecheisen/GettyImages

Beyonce has been making music history for becoming the first Black woman to reach the top of the Hot Country Songs charts with her new song "Texas Hold 'Em." While her fans are celebrating the recognition and Beyonce's pivot to country music, her former Destiny's Child co-member wants to talk about her own career now.

Rowland's latest release is a Tyler Perry-directed Netflix original movie called Mea Culpa, set to release on Netflix on February 23 (trailer below). But, while Rowland has been working the media circuit to promote her new movie, it seems like all anyone wants to ask her about is Beyonce's new music and whether or not a Destiny's Child reunion could be in her future.

Kelly Rowland left 'Today' after Beyonce questions

According to TheWrap, Kelly Rowland walked off the set of Today and although early reports claimed that she left due to unmet demands for her dressing room, it seems that might not be the case.

"Kelly was upset about Savannah [Guthrie]'s aggressive questioning about Beyonce. She and her team were not happy and felt disrespected," an unnamed source told TheWrap in response to the claim that Rowland had left the set of Today beacuse of her dressing room not being up to par.

In the interview, Kelly Rowland can be seen repeatedly giving the same answer in response to the host asking about Beyonce's music career: "I'm so proud of her" without delving more into the questions, instead giving in-depth answers when asked about Mea Culpa.

Kelly Rowland stayed through her interview with Savannah Guthrie, but didn't return to talk to Today co-host Hoda Kotb after the break.

While Rowland hasn't responded to her leaving the show, Hoda Kotb mentioned her on Tuesday's episode of Today, saying, "I just want to say this. I have great love and admiration for Kelly Rowland. I adore her. And I want her to come back on the show... Of course. She can share my dressing room."

Kelly Rowland calls Beyonce's new music "her business"

On February 21, Kelly Rowland appeared on The Big Tigger Morning Show with Jazzy McBee to promote Mea Culpa, but she was once again met with questions about Beyonce and just like on Today, she wasn't having them and wasn't afraid to direct the conversation back to her new movie.

During the interview, Tigger switched the topic from Mea Culpa to ask Kelly Rowland about Beyonce's new music and the possibility of their girl group getting back together for new music.

He said, "Your sis just dropped a whole new couple of songs, and it’s my understanding thatRenaissance II may or may not be country-based, and then there’s a rumor going around thatRenaissance III may be, either rock-based or a DC [Destiny’s Child] reunion."

"That is her business to talk about," Kelly Rowland responded to the question, keeping things short so she could get back to promoting Mea Culpa.

When Tigger talked about the fact that he gets excited about a potential Destiny's Child reunion, he acknowledged being aware that Kelly Rowland must get tired of answering questions about that stage in her career and Beyonce's music career, to which Rowland responded by keeping things on-task when she said, "I’m here talking about Mea Culpa, out February 23, and that’s what I’m most excited about right now. I think that, that’s that."

Watch Kelly Rowland in the trailer for Mea Culpa