Beyonce announced a country album at the Super Bowl (and joined Twitch)

66th GRAMMY Awards - Show
66th GRAMMY Awards - Show / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

The Super Bowl was a huge night for celebrities -- including music superstar Beyonce who surprised her fans by announcing a new album, dropping two surprise songs, and joining livestreaming website Twitch.

While everyone's eyes were on Super Bowl LVIII, Beyonce took to her Instagram account to announce that the second album in her Renaissance trio would be released on March 29. Titled Act II, the album already has heavy country influences, as shown in the two songs that Beyonce released along with the album announcement: "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages."

Country music isn't entirely new to the Texas native, fans of the musical superstar who got her start in R&B girl group Destiny's child will remember that she performed her country-inspired song "Daddy Lessons" with country group The Chicks at the 2016 CMA Awards.

While the songs are both country-inspired, they each have a different sound and feeling with "16 Carriages" being an autobiographical melody about Beyonce's start in Destiny's Child at the age 16 and her work to rise up in the music world. Meanwhile "Texas Hold 'Em" is a more folk-leaning song in which Beyonce sings about having a night on the town over an upbeat banjo.


The announcement came as a surprise to some, but not to the more eagle-eyed Beyonce fans who suspected that a country pivot was coming after Beyonce wore a chic white cowboy hat to the Grammys.

What did surprise fans was the fact that Beyonce, who appeared in a Verizon commercial during the Super Bowl promising to "break the internet" with a surprise music drop. In the ad, Beyonce pays homage to Lemonade and teases the idea of trying out a new genre by playing a saxophone for a surprise jazz album.

Most surprisingly was the scene in the ad during which Beyonce is seen livestreaming on Twitch under the account "/iamSlayonce" where she's streaming under the "Just Chatting" category with a pink headset on. While the ad goes on to show Beyonce making more attempts to "break" Verizon's cellular coverage, fans zeroed in on the Twitch account.

As it turns out, the account shown in the ad is a real account on Twitch. It's not clear whether or not Beyonce will be using the account in the future or if it was created just for the ad, but the account has gained nearly 40,000 followers since the ad went live.