Denise Richards explained her behavior during her RHOBH comeback episode

"I won't even watch it," Denise told Bethenny Frankel on her podcast when asked about why she was behaving so erratically at Kyle Richards' dinner party.

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Denise Richards appeared on two seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before leaving the series in 2020, but she made an appearance in a season 13 episode in which she attended Kyle Richards' dinner party. While appearing on the Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast, Denise finally explained what was going on with her strange behavior in the November 30 and December 6 episodes of the show.

Denise Richards had something to ease her nerves

According to Denise Richards, she was a little nervous to be filming and see the whole cast again, so she had "half a drink" before going to the party to calm her nerves and before she left home, she had taken cough medicine to treat a cold she was battling, a mixture that experts heavily recommend not trying at home.

Even though the dinner party was themed to have cannabis-infused foods featured, Denise Richards says that weed has never been her drug of choice and she specifically worked with the producers to make sure her meal didn't have any in it.

"I don’t do weed, I don’t do edibles, I don’t do any of that,” she told Bethenny Frankel on her podcast when explaining her strange behavior. “It doesn’t mix well with my body. I tried weed twice, for the record, and I don’t like it.”

Even though Denise had specifically worked with the producers to make sure that her meal was not of the cannabis-infused variety that the rest of the guests would be indulging in, she acknowledges that mistakes can happen and speculated on the podcast that maybe there was a mix-up and she was accidentally given the wrong meal.

"Here's the thing. I have no idea... Maybe there was a mix-up in the meal or in the water, all I know is, when I got home, I was like, 'There's something wrong with me,'" Denise said on the podcast when she recalled getting home to her husband asking why she was acting so strangely.

Despite all the internet attention, Denise Richards skipped watching her episodes

Even though the internet has been buzzing with people's reactions to her appearance and the drama of the two episodes Denise Richards appeared on, she said she hasn't bothered watching. Despite not wanting to watch herself behave erratically, she didn't beat around the bush when it came to explaining some of the drama of the dinner to Bethenny Frankel.

One moment in the episode featured Dorit Kemsley asking Denise Richards if she was wearing her jacket upside down and according to Denise Richards, that question wasn't a friendly outfit check. Speaking to the podcast host, she said:

"She does this with everyone -- especially me. She’ll be like, ‘Your lipstick doesn’t look right. You need some lip gloss. You got mascara. Your hair is out of place.’ That’s why I was like, ‘Stop. I don’t care… Shut the [expletive] up.' Like, do you feel like you need to do that to make yourself feel secure?"

Now that we know Denise Richards was just feeling out of sorts during the episode, RHOBH fans can go back to having a laugh at the faces she was making and popping their popcorn to watch all the drama unfold.