RHOBH: Kyle Richards forgot that Dorit Kemsley has a life!

Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)
Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo) /

The retreat brought out the worst in some of the ladies on RHOBH when they were expected to drive to Laguna Beach for Teddi’s retreat.

While Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was busy gathering her clients to kickbox in a room, Kyle Richards was busy waiting for Dorit Kemsley to arrive.  The RHOBH season 10 ladies all attended Teddi’s “All in by Teddi” retreat in Laguna Beach, California, which, according to Kyle, was a grueling four-hour drive, in traffic, uphill both ways…for their driver.  Once Dorit arrived, Kyle asked if her glam took an extra long time because she didn’t arrive until 12:12 PM when the rest of the ladies arrived at 10:00 AM.

Making an entrance

Dorit arrived looking like she was on the set of a 90’s R&B video on a Miami beach somewhere, complete with a headband and tiny, trendy glasses.  It isn’t clear why, exactly, Kyle was so annoyed at Dorit, perhaps because she got to skip the pointless group exercise class.

“Who said I’m only coming just to support you,” Dorit asked Teddi.  Teddi clarified that Dorit was the one who said that she was coming to support her.  Were the ladies just there to be an extra feature of the retreat besides the fajitas?

Dorit mentioned that she might leave early as she didn’t want to join the hour of meditation, and Kyle flipped out.  She asked why Dorit even bothered coming if she was going to arrive late and leave early.  Dorit’s excuse?  “Kyle, I have a ******* life!”  During the argument, Erika asked, “Why don’t we just admit nobody wants to be here?”

But Kyle was on one throughout the episode

Once the retreat was over and the ladies went to Denise Richards house for dinner, she had the audacity to say Denise looked like a ragamuffin!  And then, she told her to be quiet!  In her own house!  Imagine thinking you are cool enough to insult Denise Richards?!

Kyle seems to be going through some type of transformation into an angry version of herself and it isn’t nice.  It just doesn’t make sense why she cares so much about…everything.  Kyle claims she is very busy with work and her family, but her constant nagging comes off like she is very bored with her work and family and needs to stir up drama.

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Denise sent some shade Kyle’s was on Instagram with her post after she hashtagged #ragamuffin and Kyle actually replied.  She apologized and said she was “exhausted, emotional” and felt she was being ganged up on.  Sounds like Kyle is doing damage control for the public’s perception of her comments already…

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