Ariana Madix doesn't want to make Tom Sandoval's life easy

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix admits in an E! News exclusive clip from season 11 of the show that letting her ex, Tom Sandoval, buy her out of their shared home would make his life easier. But she's making it obvious that she's not going to be letting him off the hook so easily.

Even though the two of them are "no contact," they're still living under the same roof because of the fact that they jointly bought the house. This has been the subject of a ton of speculation on social media with fans totally split on whether or not Ariana is right to refuse to let Tom buy her out of the house and move out.

According to some fans, Ariana is right to not let Tom off the hook and buy her share of the house for him to continue living in it. Meanwhile, other fans are on Tom's side on this one and think she's being petty by refusing to take his offer.

In the clip shared by E! News, Lala Kent -- who is firmly on Ariana Madix's side in this and has said she regrets trying to open up a conversation with Rachel (Raquel) Leviss following the cheating scandal -- questions whether or not it would be easier on both of them for Ariana to just be bought out of the house.

"Wouldn't it just be easier to move out?" Kent asks Madix who agrees, but goes on to explain her reasoning for refusing to vacate the home, citing the fact that Tom Sandoval has parties in their house and stays up late with his friends when Ariana Madix is trying to get some sleep.

"Yeah, sure, when the house is sold. Because I'm not here for him trying to assert his dominance, be louder, be more obnoxious, make me uncomfortable and then I cower and let him do whatever," Madix explains, holding firm that she doesn't want to leave the house until Sandoval is leaving too.

Lala Kent asks if Ariana Madix is hesitant to move out of the house and let Tom Sandoval keep it because she doesn't want life to be easy for him, which the newly debuted Broadway star admits is true.

In a confessional scene, Ariana Madix is shown further explaining her reasoning behind refusing to sell her half of their home to Tom Sandoval, even if they are no contact while she's spending time out of the house for Broadway.

"The fact of the matter is he broke the home. He f--ked all of this up. He doesn't get to do that and then just, I don't know, keep it."

One thing is for sure: the new season of Vanderpump Rules is chock full of post-Scandoval drama.