Lala Kent regrets reaching out to Rachel Leviss

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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is upon us and it picks up shortly after the "Scandoval" scandal that rocked the Bravo TV fandom. Even though Rachel (Raquel) Leviss chose not to be part of the show for season 11, a lot of the first episode of the new season focused on her and the cheating scandal that broke up Tom and Ariana.

Part of the episode that had everyone talking featured Lala Kent dipping into the alley of TomTom in order to reach out to Rachel in a voice note to let her know that she wanted to have a conversation with her former castmate.

This didn't go over well with Ariana, who revealed that she and Tom Sandoval had been sending each other packages and postcards back and forth to each other, and the fans were feeling pretty divided over it as well. For many fans, the fact that Lala was extending an open hand to Rachel instead of sticking with Ariana was a bad move.

As it turns out, the fans aren't the only ones that wish Lala Kent wouldn't have reached out to Rachel after she left the show. According to Us Weekly, Lala Kent herself regrets reaching out to Rachel to try to have a chat.

"I would not have reached out to her had I known that the Bethenny Frankel podcast was going to happen," she told Us Weekly, referring to the fact that Bethenny Frankel hosted a three-part interview with Rachel Leviss on her Just B podcast following the cheating scandal's fallout.

"I thought that this girl was just wanting to go and live in a small town, work in a cubicle and just fade into the background. I thought, 'You know what? If that's the life she wants, I want her to know that things happen and I hope that you can live peacefully and not wear this. Then the podcast came out with Bethenny, and I was like, 'I'm very grateful that you did not respond.'"

According to Rachel Leviss, she didn't respond to Lala's friendly message because she felt like the Vanderpump Rules star had an ulterior motive when it came to trying to be friendly.

"I have a no-contact policy with every single cast member. [But] Lala has reached out to me on Instagram saying that she’s willing to lend an ear,” Rachel Leviss said on the Just B podcast during her interview. “I know [Lala] has her own agenda. ... They have ulterior motives. They don’t care about my wellbeing. They care about their narrative that they need to portray on this show.”

With Rachel Leviss now hosting her own podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, and season 11 picking up right where the scandal left off, fans are getting every side to this story.