Tom Sandoval says Ariana Madix 'belittled' him during relationship

Friends And Family Opening At Schwartz & Sandy's With The Cast Of "Vanderpump Rules"
Friends And Family Opening At Schwartz & Sandy's With The Cast Of "Vanderpump Rules" / Amanda Edwards/GettyImages

For much of the cast and many fans of Vanderpump Rules season 11 is about moving past the "Scandoval" cheating scandal that rocked the season 10 reunion. While Ariana Madix has branched out beyond Bravo TV to make her Broadway debut and Rachel (Raquel) Leviss has started a podcast in lieu of returning for season 11, it looks like not everyone is ready to move on.

Tom Sandoval appeared on the January 30 episode of The Viall Files podcast and while he was there, he made some scathing accusations about his ex, Ariana Madix -- including talking about the problems they had in their relationship while they were together and called her "petty" for how she's been handling the house they own together.

On her own podcast, Rachel Leviss has alleged that she wanted to tell Ariana about their affair, but alleged that Tom Sandoval was the one holding the truth back. Now, on The Viall Files, Tom Sandoval is making his own claims about his relationship with Ariana.

"If you want me to be [expletive] honest, I loved, I love Ariana. I do. I really care about her," Tom Sandoval told The Viall Files just over a month after appearing on the Two Ts in a Pod podcast to claim that he "fought" to stay with Rachel Leviss.

He followed up his claim about caring about Ariana Madix by saying that their relationship was far from perfect and alleged that the reality TV turned Broadway star would talk down to him. "And it's unfortunate that like, my way of acting out against that was like, me also like, just getting belittled, belittled, belittled all the [expletive] time."

Tom Sandoval claims that he's not trying to blame cheating on Ariana Madix on his ex-girlfriend, but says that he did so because he had such low self-esteem due to her allegedly belittling him.

Meanwhile, Rachel Leviss is using her own podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, to share her side of the scandal and she's not holding back. As far as Tom Sandoval goes, Rachel says that he's the only Vanderpump Rules cast member to reach out to her, but she's not on his side post-Scandoval.

"I know that he's really trying to milk the victim role to make himself look better, I think, but in reality it's making him look worse," she said on an episode of her podcast. On another episode of the podcast, Rachel revealed that Tom Sandoval was trying to push her to stay quiet about their affair, something that she said was putting her reputation on the line.