Ariana Madix says she was down to her 'last $2,000' before Scandoval

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It's no surprise that drama makes good TV and any Vanderpump Rules fan will say that Scandoval has been some seriously good TV drama.

The subject of how much money has been made off of Scandoval has been in the background of the chatter about the explosive cheating scandal since Rachel (Raquel) Leviss appeared on Bethenny Frankel's podcast where she said that Bravo was "laughing [and] running to the bank" with money from the affair while she was left out in the cold and not paid for her part -- a claim that producer Alex Baskin has since refuted.

Now, Ariana Madix is revealing that she was struggling financially prior to the scandal and says she was down to her "last $2,000" due to buying the house she and Tom Sandoval still share and putting up so much money for the yet-to-open sandwich shop.

According to Madix, Bravo fans have the wrong idea about how much money she has, especially after putting so much money into a house and finding a location for the sandwich shop, and says that only a couple weeks before Scandoval became a public scandal, she was reaching out to her team to try to find a way to make some more money.

In the preview clip, she can be seen at James and Ally's house talking about her horoscope with Ally, Katie, Lala, and Scheana. After being asked by Scheana how she's handling being broken up from Tom while still living with him, Ariana says:

"Like [the] internet thinks I've made millions of dollars and is not true. It’s like, on March 1st, was I financially prepared to move? No, literally the week before all of this happened, I remember emailing my agent and my manager and being like, 'Guys, let's start, like, really trying to like do some s--t. Because I am not in a good place financially.'"

In a confessional segment, she expands on her financial issues by saying that she was making good enough money to buy a house and invest in a good location for her and Katie's sandwich shop, but unfortunately, those purchases left her bank account drained.

"And now, I was at a point where in March, I was literally on like my last $2,000! I'm not kidding," she said.

Although she seems to be in a better place financially now with her gig on Broadway playing Roxie Hart in Chicago, it seems like her finances may be taking another hit in the near future since Rachel Leviss is suing her and their shared ex, Tom Sandoval.