3 reasons why KSI and Logan Paul are killing it with “Prime”

Prime Hydration (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)
Prime Hydration (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage) /
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2. Representation

Another key marketing strategy employed by Prime is to put bottles within the public eye.

Listeners of the Impaulsive podcast, hosted by Logan Paul, can’t go five seconds without hearing or seeing Prime. And I don’t mean that Logan Paul has a big mouth – I mean, he DOES have a big mouth, but that wasn’t my point. My point is that this is an example of the way in which Prime is represented to its audience – constant references which the audience feels like it must buy Prime to be a part of.

Also, they are the official hydration sponsor for Arsenal football club. Arsenal are league leaders in the English Premier League and fans are continuously shown implicit adverts on Prime. For example, in water breaks, players are seen drinking from Prime bottles. Prime is also shown on the advertising boards at the Emirates Stadium, a stadium with a 60,000 capacity.

TikTok also fuels the love for Prime. Chances are, when you’re scrolling through the for you page, you are likely to see a content creator use Prime in one way or another. This is because the algorithm recognises Prime as a topic of interest, so will repost it to the right target audience. Also, TikToks involving Prime get WAY more retention – people are obsessed with it.