3 reasons why KSI and Logan Paul are killing it with “Prime”

Prime Hydration (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)
Prime Hydration (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage) /
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1. Limitation

From the perspective of an average person in U.K., it would seem like bottles of Prime are as rare as four-leaf clovers. But that’s not factually correct – in fact, KSI told dragon Deborah Meaden that he and his team are working hard to increase the supply of Prime in the U.K.

The truth is, it’s difficult to find fairly-priced bottles of Prime in the U.K. because they sell out, fast. And the reason they sell out fast is because there is a sense of rarity about the bottles – because they are so difficult to get ahold of, EVERYONE wants to get ahold of them.

Marketing expert and managing director of ‘The 10 Group’, Eddie Hammerman, states that the reason why the demand is so high for Prime in the U.K. is because the supply is limited.

Eddie explains this is as “scarcity marketing” which means that, to draw upon the example of Prime, fans of KSI AND maybe even the general public, want to buy a bottle because they can sense the supply will soon run out, so they must buy it quick to avoid missing out.

I mean, it certainly works. I have not yet been lucky enough to stumble across Prime in the supermarket. This could be because I have an awful sleeping schedule and I hit snooze way too often to be in the supermarket early enough.

Or, the way I like to describe it, supply is limited. I much prefer that answer.