Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kenya Moore and her selfish ways

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA - Kenya Moore, Tayna Sam (Photo by: Milos Bicanski/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA - Kenya Moore, Tayna Sam (Photo by: Milos Bicanski/Bravo) /

The Real Housewives of Atlanta headed to South Carolina for a cast trip, but it definitely feels like Kenya Moore vs everyone else.  First off, Kenya and LaToya Ali took a private plane for the short trip while the rest of the women took a small bus.  The four-hour trip ended up taking about eight hours to arrive in Charleston.

A superiority complex

Kenya and LaToya obviously arrived ahead of everyone else and assigned them rooms based on how much she liked them.  Cynthia Bailey got a great room and she wasn’t even there yet.  Shady, shady, Kenya!  But as the evening progressed, Kenya just had to assert her dominance over the group again.

Kenya was mad they were a little drunk by the time they arrived, but how can you be mad?  What else is there to do on an eight-hour bus ride?  She’s lucky they were upright!  So when she tried to start an intense murder mystery game, no one cared to partake.  “I don’t understand what’s happening.  I just came to drink and dance,” Porsha Williams said.  Kenya even called them “ratchet hyenas” because they were too drunk for her liking.

But if Kenya was annoyed with the other ladies, they were soon just as annoyed with her.  The next day, Kenya offered the ladies some sliced cheese and meat that was in the fridge.  She ordered herself some crab cakes and an entree but didn’t get anything for anyone else.  The other women were (rightfully) expecting some food of some kind since she was the host!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta might be on a group trip, but Kenya Moore is doing things her own way.

Kenya just always has to make it known that she’s better than them in one way or another.  She gives you a bad room if she doesn’t like you, she makes you take a bus, she gives you sliced deli ham.  Share your crab cakes, woman!  She did eventually provide dinner for everyone.

To be fair, Kenya seems to have done the very least he could have as the host.  She didn’t plan anything, she didn’t feed them, she put them on an eight-hour bus ride without air conditioning, and she’s treating everyone as if she was better than them.  Miserable Kenya strikes again!

Setting the drama table for next week

Meanwhile, the drama with LaToya and Drew Sidora got heated when LaToya wouldn’t stop touching Drew and mocking her wig.  LaToya was pretty drunk and seems to have taken on Kenya’s superiority complex since she got to go on the plane with Kenya.  THEN, she had the audacity to bring Drew a wig as a “gift.”

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However, Drew had the best response to the wig gift.  She gave LaToya a signed photo of her since she’s been acting like a fan and watching her every move.  That’s quite the perfect reply and Drew won that round!

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