Real Housewives of New York: What a sad send off for Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley’s final moments on The Real Housewives of New York City were nothing short of terrifying, and a glimpse at the behind the scenes madness.

The Real Housewives of New York City finale delivered us quite a sad scene for the end of the Dorinda Medley era.  Watching her throughout the rest of the season was bad enough, but her behavior on the finale was the rotten cherry on top of a gross season (for Dorinda, personally).

If you recall Tinsley Mortimer’s send-off, it felt very different.  It was rumored that Tinsley was well-liked by production and was always kind to people, which was evident in her last scenes.  She hopped in a town car with her dogs, Strawberry and Shortcake, and off she went to her new chapter.

With Dorinda, she lost her mind at the mere mention of Tinsley and went off like a bomb.  Tinsley wasn’t even there.  Leah McSweeney was thanking the women for accepting her into the group after Tinsley introduced them, and Dorinda said “Oh god.  I’m not doing that.  Sorry.  [Expletive] you. Tinsley almost ruined our show.”  She went on about how she was a “principled person” and Tinsley broke her contract.  Ramona Singer was screaming that Dorinda was spitting.

All she has to do is be mentioned by name and Dorinda absolutely lost her mind!  They even broke the fourth wall to demonstrate what a monster she was.

The end of the end

Dorinda’s final freeze-frame was terrifying.  She was mid-scream, wearing a bedazzled turban with her arm in a sling, next to the words from production about her next steps.  It truly was an accurate representation of her time on the show and how it ended so badly.

It shows that Tinsley did everything she could to appease Dorinda, but the best option was just to leave.  She didn’t embarrass herself or Dorinda when she left, but it was totally a power move.  While Tinsley was off to live in her penthouse in Chicago while Dorinda was left to seethe.

She had a point, but it was lost

Dorinda’s point wasn’t even totally wrong.  With Bethenny Frankel announcing she wasn’t returning just before filming was supposed to start and Tinsley announcing she was done halfway through, the ladies were at a slight disadvantage for the season.  They also lost their main producer in addition to all of that.  But none of that is actually Tinsley’s fault to the point where Dorinda needed to go all Snapped on her.

It will really be wild to see how Dorinda reacts to seeing Tinsley in person at the reunion next week.  No wonder they brought Tinsley back!  Dorinda is sure to lose her mind.  Again.

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