Real Housewives of New York: It’s only okay when Dorinda Medley does it

The Real Housewives of New York celebrated Leah McSweeney’s clothing line and Dorinda Medley’s birthday – neither of which was drama-free.

The first episode of The Real Housewives of New York after Dorinda Medley announced her departure sort of cemented the fact that it was a good idea.  While the ladies celebrated Dorinda’s birthday, her hypocrisy about Tinsley Mortimer came shining through – and Tinsley wasn’t even present for the party!

Dorinda seemed obsessed with Tinsey and her relationship with Scott Kluth and anyone else she might have been dating at the time.  Dorinda accused her of hiding relationships, of being with Scott being their back, of dating random guys being her back, and all for what?  Perhaps Tinsley didn’t want her new relationships on television so soon.  Can you blame her?

But it totally didn’t count when John Mahdessian showed up to Dorinda’s birthday dinner.  Even though they broke up, he was at her dinner, gave her a nice speech, and seemed to be close with her still.  If this was Scott at Tinsley’s birthday dinner, Dorinda would have been out of her mind!

When Tinsley was rekindling her relationship, Dorinda accused her of hiding things and being “fake.”  She also said she was being fake because she didn’t live in New York all the time since she was spending time in Chicago with Scott.  Does Dorinda not split her time in New York and the Berkshires?

Most of the housewives spend their time in a second home, that’s kind of a thing for housewives with additional homes.  Luann de Lesseps said to Ramona Singer, “She gets defensive instead of listening.”  And that’s just it.  Instead of hearing anything Tinsley ever had to say to Dorinda, she was too mad to hear her.

When she accepted John back into her life because he was “like family,” the other ladies just accepted it.  When Tinsley did it, she was a liar, a bad friend, and was being promiscuous.  Hypocritical to the max!

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Poor Tinsley was just trying to find happiness, and Dorinda was too blinded by envy to see it.  It really does seem like such a waste.  All Dorinda had to do was try to find happiness herself, but instead, she focused on being hateful and angry.  It seems like a waste, doesn’t it?

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