Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: It’s Erika Jayne’s time to go

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had had some good times with Erika Jayne, but it might be time for her to move on to another project.

After three long seasons of watching Erika Jayne curate every sentence or piece of information that escapes her lips, it’s time to let her go.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has gained nothing from her presence, and we still know nothing about her life.  She shares small bits of information she thinks the world wants to know and completely locks away the rest of it.

Erika never has her own opinions on things, but she generally sides with the majority opinion.  She’ll defend herself when needed, but only chimes in when the group-think is in effect.

Sure, Erika has a glam-squad and comes complete with interesting and over-the-top looks.  But that’s not all a housewife is.  We know Erika plays a character on RHOBH and that isn’t who she really is, but even the character is boring.

Erika spent a lot of the reunion criticizing Denise for things she would have 100% done herself if she was in that position.  No one is allowed to get to know Erika, but she’s allowed to harass Denise about trying to keep certain parts of her life private.  Erika asked Denise, “Do they pick and choose what they hear?  Or do they hear it all?”  Pot, meet kettle.

Erika’s life is one long string of characters she’s playing for various roles.  We can all appreciate that, but it seems her role as housewife has evolved all it can.  Unfortunately, her role as Roxie Hart in Chicago was probably meant to be a bigger step in another direction for Erika, but that did not pan out.

Bravo has been cutting ties with long term housewives that just don’t bring enough to the table anymore, and Erika fits that bill.  But if we are getting rid of Erika, you may as well get rid of Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna while you’re at it.  Really “cut the fat” of the group, if you will.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part 2 airs Wednesday, September 9.