Southern Charm: Thomas Ravenel is a dad again, but not with Kathryn Dennis

Thomas Ravenel and Rouge Apker (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for W South Beach Hotel & Residences)
Thomas Ravenel and Rouge Apker (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for W South Beach Hotel & Residences) /

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel welcomed his third child into the world at the end of June, this time with his “good friend” Heather Mascoe.

Thomas Ravenel, formerly of Bravo’s Southern Charm, reportedly is a dad again for a third time according to People.  Heather Mascoe is a nurse in Charleston who briefly dated Ravenel last year.  At the time, the father of Mascoe’s other children, Leo Chiagkouris, hung a sign from his balcony warning people about Ravenel and his past.  Part of the banner read, “Keep this guy out your house while minors are sleeping.”  It also featured his mug shot.

The baby boy is named Jonathan Jackson Ravenel and was born on June 29.  Ravenel has two other children with Kathryn Dennis, Kensie, age 6, and Saint, age 4.  He said he wasn’t entirely sure they understood the situation when he tried to explain that they were going to have a new baby brother.  ”You’ll understand when you’re older!”

Ravenel and Mascoe are no longer together but seem to be working well enough given the circumstances.  Both claimed they were just “good friends.”  We’re sure that will change soon enough.  Local residents of Charleston have witnessed the new dad running around Target picking up supplies for mom and baby.

Unfortunately for baby Jonathan, Ravenel will surely try to ruin his mom’s life at some point.  The pair dated from April until August of last year when rumors started circulating that Mascoe was pregnant.

In other news, Kathryn has stayed out of the media for the most part since she used a monkey emoji in a message to podcaster Mika Gadsden.  Soon after, Cameran Eubanks announced she was done with the show.

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Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner were just behind Cameran, while Kathryn was accused of being responsible for rumors about Cameran’s marriage.  Overall, Southern Charm has been incredibly messy and they were not even filming most of the time.

Southern Charm will be back later in 2020…hopefully.