Southern Charm: Cameran Eubanks is done with the show

SOUTHERN CHARM, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks (Photo by: Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks (Photo by: Bravo) /

Cameran Eubanks responded to Southern Charm fans earlier today and confirmed she would not be returning to the show next season.

Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks confirmed in an Instagram comment earlier this week that she would not be returning to the show after the shutdown.  Though filming for season seven began back in 2019, the footage was scrapped and the cast re-grouped after the holidays.  They again stopped filming back in March and now, apparently, Cameran is done with the show.

Back in 2019 at BravoCon, Cameran told Us Weekly that season seven was a transformative season for some, and not for others.  “You will see that some people have made some big strides in growth and some have stayed the same. Sadly.”

A fan commented and said, “Missing the show! When are you returning? 💕.”  Cameran responded with, “I will not be returning.”  No word on why or what caused her departure, and it isn’t clear if she will be featured at all or will be totally cut out.

The show has gone through a lot of drama involving Thomas Ravenel and his legal cases.  In the past, Cameran has even remarked on camera that she would not be discussing Thomas due to fear of getting sued.  Now he is apparently expecting another child with a Charleston-area nurse.  Earlier this week, Kathryn Dennis involved herself in a scandal involving alleged racism and the monkey emoji.  

With Cameran’s husband, Jason Wimberly, a doctor working on the front lines right now, perhaps it just wasn’t the right atmosphere for her to be in.  The show generally had a bad reputation around town, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

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Cameran became a mom back in 2017 to Palmer Corrine Wimberly and her focus definitely shifted.  Hopefully, the show will be able to recover without her narration and crawfish boil parties.

Southern Charm will be back later in 2020!