RHOBH: Who is doing the gaslighting and mom-shaming here?

The crazy ladies of RHOBH have continued their group-think on hating Denise Richards for the time being…and Denise doesn’t seem to care at all.

After the incredible amount of drama at the last RHOBH “family BBQ party,” Kyle Richards thought to herself – “sounds like a great idea,” and planned a family party of her own.  It isn’t clear if that was an oversight or if Kyle was trying to ruffle Denise Richards feathers, but I would have to assume the latter.  When all of the ladies arrived with their children for the BBQ without any BBQ (how dreadful), of course, they had a lot to say.

But before we get to the BBQ…

The ladies attended an event for Garcelle Beauvais and an award she was receiving.  Lisa Rinna said that Denise was compensating for her behavior and wanted to come off as “mother of the year.”  Kyle said she thought Denise wanted them to feel like bad mothers.  Erika Jayne said that her behavior said a lot more about Denise than it did about them.  Meanwhile, Denise simply left early to avoid confrontation.  Can you imagine why?

Back to the BBQ…

The group, through furrowed brows and fake eyelashes, questioned why Denise wouldn’t bring her children around the group again.  “Where are your kids,” Garcelle asked.  Denise said, “You think I’d bring them around this group again?”  The issue here is not that Denise has been in rated R movies in the past and has had sexual escapades, but she’s working on keeping her children safe in the present.  Charlie Sheen has, no doubt, brought a lot of questionable behavior into their lives and Denise is doing her best to shield the kids from that.

Not to mention, Denise’s girls do not want to spend a Saturday night with their mom’s friends.  Garcelle was the only one to stand up for her friend which further indicates a divide between Denise and Garcelle vs everyone else.  Aaron Phypers did some cosmic mansplaining at the table which was met with puzzled looks.  Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave took issue with this as she badgered Aaron for defending his wife.  She does just as she’s told!

Denise eventually got up with Aaron and abruptly left the BBQ-less-BBQ.  Kyle thought this was the rudest behavior she has ever encountered, even though she did the exact same thing when she left the party at Denise’s house.  But Kyle left in tears and Denise basically ran away as fast as she could.

No matter the behavior from the women, Denise’s girls do not want to spend a Saturday night with their mom’s friends.  It bears repeating.  Kyle and her bangs were very offended and said Denise and Aaron were “mom-shaming her.”  Once again, was that not exactly what they were doing to Denise?  Mom-shaming her?

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Merriam-Webster defines the verb gaslighting as “to attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane (as by subjecting that person to a series of experiences that have no rational explanation).”  Kyle & the RHOBH gang are doing their best to gaslight Denise.  Cue Brandi Glanville

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