Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The hypocrisy of the cast is disgusting

Kyle Richards, Denise Richards (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)
Kyle Richards, Denise Richards (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo) /

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have really outdone themselves again by banding together to try and run someone out of the group.

Just as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seemed to band together against Lisa Vanderpump last season, they seem to be doing the same with Denise Richards this time around.  The group seems obsessed with the fact that Denise asked them not to discuss their sexual escapades in front of her children because she is open about certain things.  Not to mention, Denise’s children had their friends over as well.

During the most recent episode, the group decided to ruin almost every meal by discussing how Denise handled the whole threesome conversation.  Lisa Rinna came at Denise for joking that she invited one of Charlie Sheen’s “dates” in for thanksgiving dinner once.  Isn’t Rinna worried about her daughters and their eating disorders and their clothing line?  Aren’t you busy teaching them how to do certain sexual acts in your book, Rinna?

Erika Jayne did the same after her incredibly dramatic “you don’t know what I deal with every night” in response to her son being a cop.  But it’s okay to say Denise’s children are having threesomes?  Erika has, 100% of the time, been the one to say “we can’t talk about that because of xyz.”  Case in point: #pantygate during her first season.  Erika’s entire schtick is that she is Erika Jayne when she wants to be a sexy performer, but Erika Girardi when she’s a lawyer’s wife.  Now Denise can’t keep being a mom and being an actress separate?

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave had the audacity to call Denise judgemental when she was literally being judgemental that she thought Denise was being judgemental.   Kyle Richards flipped out on Brandi Glanville for letting her kid pee in the pool but now Denise is the worst mother ever, right?  Kyle seems to be the ringleader of this whole thing after she determined she didn’t like that viewers liked Denise (the ragamuffin).

Of course, Denise has been through a lot.  All of her drama with Charlie was very public and included drugs, hookers, HIV, divorce, and everything else – isn’t she allowed to protect her children (and their friends) as she sees fit?  Were the baiting comments about her past movie sex scenes necessary?  Erika asked how her dad felt about seeing her in such scenes and Rinna asked how it was to film a threesome.  These comments just could not have come up organically.  It seemed orchestrated from the start.  The look on Kyle’s face when Rinna asked the question was proof enough.

Last season, Denise had a fairly favorable introduction to the series.  Viewers liked her, the ladies seemed to enjoy her, and that basically made her a target.  Now, are they all trying to push her out?  Even Sutton Stracke took the bait and decided Denise was in the wrong.

After all of the news coming out of the rumor mill during filming, it really is no wonder that Denise didn’t want to film any longer.  Was Brandi Glanville brought in just to further this narrative that Denise is a bad mom who has sex?  If so, this series is dead and buried.

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No new cast members in their right mind would subject themselves to this borderline verbal harassment for no reason.  Pantygate, puppygate, Denise-sucks-gate, chapter closed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be back Wednesday at 8 PM on Bravo!