Vanderpump Rules: Breaking down the response from Bri Dellinger

VANDERPUMP RULES, Scheana Shay (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)
VANDERPUMP RULES, Scheana Shay (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo) /

In case you missed it, earlier this week an editor from Vanderpump Rules admitted to giving Scheana Shay a bad edit because she wasn’t her friend.

If you’ve ever watched a scene of Vanderpump Rules with Scheana Shay in it, you’d probably call her “boy crazy.”  That’s her only storyline.  Though the rest of the 17 cast members get to share details of their personal lives through their storyline, even the brand new ones, Scheana just gets to talk about boys.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s done her fair share of chasing guys to deserve some pieces of it in her storyline, but still.

On to the “apology”

Earlier this week, an episode of the Twisted Plot Podcast podcast had Bri Dellinger on the show again.  In the two episodes she was on, she spoke of her time editing for the show and how certain characters received certain storylines.  She specifically noted that Scheana was not her friend and therefore did not get a good edit.  Bri suggested that Scheana befriend her because her favorite past time was finding embarrassing moments with Scheana and piecing them together for entertainment.

Bri got a ton of heat for her flippant comments and has since replied on her blog – which was quickly deleted.  Bri starts off by saying her comments were taken out of context and that no single person is responsible for a storyline.  She says that there are many people that work on each facet of the show, and to “take the fall for my ‘misdeeds’ of rearranging footage is almost laughable,” because she has no power over the final storyline.  The entire letter is filled with contradictions and I probably would have waited for the heat to die down a bit before crafting such a bitter-toned letter.

Bri said the editing was a collaborative effort and she shouldn’t be responsible for the issues at hand, even though she initially claimed that she was the one responsible for these decisions.  Bri also said that for those who had a “short-sighted goal” of getting her fired, they had accomplished their mission.  She also took aim at Scheana herself, even though she didn’t even comment on the issue publicly.

"You, the rich and empowered celebrities, feeling threatened by me, a freelance worker with no union protections, have used your sway to “demote” me, but your problem is not and was not Me."

In a final note to “everyone,” Bri says that though she might be done with Vanderpump Rules, one day we will be watching a show and enjoy a scene that she edited (but I thought she had no control?)  She then blames saying “anything at all” as the reason she was fired and continues to take no responsibility for what she said.  She never directly apologized to Scheana and this whole ordeal was extraordinarily unprofessional.

Sometimes in this “cancel culture” that we reside in, the court of public opinion can swiftly sweep you away into oblivion where no one will remember your name in two weeks. I think I would have gone that route instead of whipping up this letter.  If you come off as awful on a podcast and sound awful through a personal letter…there’s a chance you might be awful.

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The problem wasn’t that Bri gave Scheana a bad edit, the problem was her awful comments about the process.  There always has to be a villain, and unfortunately, Bri made herself the villain this time.

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