Vanderpump Rules: Is Scheana Shay finally the queen bee of SUR?

Scheana Shay (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Quay Australia)
Scheana Shay (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Quay Australia) /

Now that Vanderpump Rules has brought on a new group of cast members, Scheana seems to be the only one bringing the old and new cast together.

Now hear me out, obviously, Lisa Vanderpump is reigning queen of Vanderpump Rules, but Scheana Shay seems to be making her way through the ranks.  She’s one of the only original staff members actually working at SUR, and she’s one of the only cast members actually interacting with the old cast members.

When new cast member, Charli Burnett, claimed she’s never eaten pasta before in her life, Dayna Kathan called her a “mini Scheana,” and I can’t really disagree. Who doesn’t eat pasta?  And who claims they’ve never eaten pasta before?  A weird hill to die on.

Charli has a very well thought out theory about pasta she shared with us.  “I have this theory that pasta is why everyone like, gains weight, it just like..stacks in your body.”  Scheana says that Charli reminds her of herself…ten years ago.

Meanwhile, Scheana joins happy hour with the boys

She totally called out Max Boyens out while he was ignoring her.  After finding out he wasn’t at work that night, Scheana tracked him down at happy hour with the boys.  Max is telling people Scheana is “boy crazy,” so she pulled up their texts to remind him of all the things he said about her.  Here’s a couple of excerpts from his texts:

He said he “hit the jackpot” with her, “I think I’m obsessed with you already,” “you’re a smoke show,” “you could have anyone,” “as corny as it sounds, I noticed how beautiful you were.”

For Thanksgiving last year, she purchased Max an Apple Watch, and Max ghosted her in return.  Now Max is sleeping with Dayna Kathan and Scheana just wants everyone to know she was there first.  But without Scheana interjecting, the group would just be totally divided between the new arrivals and the OG cast.

The best part is…

Scheana hasn’t really changed at all.  Her inability to grow up is something to be admired.  While the rest of the cast is buying homes and moving on, Scheana’s still chasing boys and hemming her SUR dress to uncomfortable heights and I love it.  And for this, she is the queen of Vanderpump Rules.

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Reflection and maturity make the show boring, so I’m here for Scheana acting a fool every week, chasing bartenders, and making the new girls uncomfortable.  You’ve made it girlfriend, you’re finally queen of the SURvers.

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 PM!