Bravo: 5 Housewives we would love to be quarantined with

If you had to be quarantined with any Bravo star for a few weeks, who would it be?  With Ramona Singer in Florida or TikToking with Melissa Gorga?

Bravo stars…they’re just like us!  Quarantined in their houses with their families, albeit presumably much bigger houses – but still!  Since most of the world is doing their part in staying home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve made a list of the housewives that would be entertaining to be stuck with…and some who might not.  Where did your fave land on the list?

If you haven’t heard of TikTok, they call themselves “the destination for short-form mobile videos.”  TikTok has taken the world by storm, and the housewives have joined in!  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Melissa Gorga and her daughter, Antonia, have been busy doing TikToks together and giving tours of their giant house.  I’d hang out with Melissa.

The Real Housewives of Dallas’  Stephanie Hollman has been spending her time watching the hit show, Tiger King on Netflix – much like everyone else.  She was even inspired to do her interviews in the bathtub like one of the hitmen on the show.  She just needs a matching bandana now!  If you haven’t watched it yet, you must.  And then send Stephanie a tweet about it because we all have a lot of time to discuss whatever it was that happened in that show (I have a lot of questions!)

Fashion maven and supporter of other women (sometimes), Ramona Singer, has taken to cleaning in lingerie.  The Real Housewives of New York star, her daughter, Avery, and her ex-husband (“Avery’s dad” as she calls him) have been staying together in Florida for the time being.  Avery has been keeping us up to date with Ramona’s antics on her Instagram stories – and they have been giving us life!  Only Ramona would clean her ex-husband’s floor in an expensive silk nightgown.  We love it!

Fellow RHONY cast member, Dorinda Medley took to her Instagram to show us her morning routine.  Dorinda showcased some of her favorite products, including her very own “not well” mug, and brushed her teeth.  Ramona commented to give her a helpful hint, “FYI are brushing your teeth incorrectly,” which sparked Dorinda to post her own nightgown cleaning video.  She captioned the video “You’re right I got it all wrong,” and tagged Ramona.  Dorinda also uploaded a video of her and her daughter, Hannah, clapping for healthcare workers.

Monique Samuels decided to make her own play-doh with her kids while stuck at home.  The Real Housewives of Potomac season five trailer just dropped this week so she can’t be too bored with all of the drama that inevitably brought!

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This is definitely not to make light of the dire situation with the coronavirus, but just an appreciation for some of our favorite housewives doing their part to stay home and stay entertained.  Bravo has been doing re-runs of season one of a lot of these shows, so stay tuned for next week.  RHONY is back for season 12 on Thursday!

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.

Stay tuned for more Real Housewives marathons on Bravo this week!

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