Below Deck: Captain Lee and Kate Chastain would not work with Ashton Pienaar again

BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

Captain Lee and Kate Chastain were on a show recently discussing the hottest Below Deck topic since that one beach picnic in Thailand.

Captain Lee Rosbach and Kate Chastain were on The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM this week to discuss Below Deck..and Ashton Pienaar.  The January 6, 2020, episode can be seen on the JennyMcCarthyTV YouTube channel.

Kate says she thinks Ashton was in a leadership role and was supposed to be setting an example for the guys (and Rhylee Gerber) on his team.  Captain Lee said that with every opportunity that Ashton had to stay quiet or diffuse the situation, he chose to talk poorly about Kate instead of keeping his feelings to himself.

Captain Lee said that he really didn’t know how bad things were between Kate and Ashton because he wasn’t around to witness many of the conversations caught by the production crew.  Jenny asked Captain Lee if Ashton’s behavior was something he could work on, or if he would “give him another chance.”  Captain Lee responded, “I wouldn’t.  No.”

Kate echoed that sentiment that she would not work with Ashton again.  “I don’t think he’s really sorry,” Kate told Jenny.  The pair agreed that Ashton is not genuinely sorry for his actions, and has no remorse for them either.  I’m sure Rhylee is thrilled to hear that, after Ashton asked Captain Lee to fire her with six days left in the charter season.

As Bosun, Ashton really should be less involved with the drama and more focused on his work.  He seems obsessed with making Rhylee and Kate look bad to Captain Lee, which really is only hurting his reputation.

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We’ve heard the captains mention before that they don’t have much say in the crew – that’s productions job.  Would Lee put his foot down on not hiring Ashton for next season if it came down to it?

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