Vanderpump Rules: The rise of the new generation of SURvers…and Scheana

The new additions to the Vanderpump Rules group are a breath of fresh air, and a whole lot of new drama in addition to the fresh air.

Though we’re only on episode two of Vanderpump Rules, the fresh new staff members (see: unjaded bartenders willing to start drama) are already okay in my book.  Scheana Shay was doing her duties as senior SUR-ver during the premiere ofVanderpump Rules by showing Brett Caprioni the ropes, but he was working out with Lisa Vanderpump at Villa Rosa first thing this episode.

Is Brett a favorite already?  He did mention his makeout with Scheana and how he thinks she doesn’t understand what a “friend” is.  I don’t make out with my friends all the time, Brett.  That might be your fault.

Scheana was in charge of training some of the TomTom staff turned SUR staff, including Charli Burnett, Dayna Kathan, and Brett.  You can watch the awkward interaction on After assigning Dayna the duty of wiping down every glass on the patio, Scheana sends her to dust the shelves nearby.

None of which is really a part of “training” for a serving job, but you do you Scheana.  All the while trying to get under Dayna’s skin about Max.  As Dayna completed Scheana’s tasks, she asked if she could be done because Max was outside waiting for her.  Ah, Scheana.  Somehow Dayna still won that round.  But really, Scheana is the one getting the most screentime out of both the new and old staff members so who is really winning here?

Danica Dow is an assistant manager at SUR, but is currently suspended for shoving her boyfriend who also works there as a bartender.  So basically, though we have new faces on screen and behind the bar, the drama is as old as ever.  Which isn’t a bad thing, that’s the bread and butter of what makes Vanderpump Rules…Vanderpump Rules. 

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Bringing in new people to mingle with the ones being phased out is a great way to mix the two.  In my experience, simply wiping out a cast and starting anew alienated your viewer base (though I’m not positive people would cry about losing Jax Taylor) but integrating new cast in a semi-organic way is a great way to start drama.  I see you, Lisa.

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 PM! 

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