Southern Charm: Why was Ashley Jacobs invited…again?

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "White Gloves Off" Episode 614 -- Pictured: Cameran Eubanks -- (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM -- "White Gloves Off" Episode 614 -- Pictured: Cameran Eubanks -- (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo) /

Southern Charm has been fine and dramatic enough without Ashley Jacobs – so why is she back again?  And why is she dressed like a beaver?

The Southern Charm cast is gathering for a fox hunt, but instead, they got an angry beaver.  Is this season so boring they really need Ashley Jacobs showing up to cast events just to cause trouble?


If you remember a few episodes ago, Chelsea Meissner was contemplating going into business with Madison LeCroy.  After Madison’s behavior in Colorado, Chelsea is reconsidering it. And by reconsidering it, I mean, probably never discussing it again.

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird sat down to discuss Colorado, and mostly Madison.  While discussing, Eliza Limehouse texts the group.  She is gathering them for a fox hunt, and Kathryn says, “I swear she googles ‘classic southern activities.‘” Agreed.

Ashley Jacobs went to visit Eliza Limehouse at her pretend job. Ashley used the phrase “straight shooter,” like she always does. Eliza invited Ashley to the fox hunt because she’s incredibly naive, or something similar.


Shep Rose brought his friend Bailey to the fox hunt, Craig Conover brings his friend Sean.  Craig was dressed like a babushka. Ashley just shows up. Cameran Eubanks and Naomie Olindo show up looking the part.

Ashley asked to speak with Kathryn, and Ashley said her family iced her out when she went back to California post-Thomas. Ashley tells Kathryn, “I was your biggest fan.”

Kathryn said to Ashley, “I don’t buy your apology.”  In the end, Ashley says she wishes Kathryn the best, and Kathryn says the same back to her. Ashley told her friend it’s like they don’t speak the same language, but I’m pretty sure that fault falls on Ashley’s shoulders.

Austen Kroll and Shep Rose sat down and discussed their friendship, without any resolution.   It felt like Shep was upset Austen broke up with him and found a new partner too quickly for his liking.

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Next week is the finale, and it looks like Shep brings the two girls that starred in Austen’s infidelity video, AND Eliza invites Ashley to come along. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Southern Charm will be back next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on Bravo.